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Man And His Date Blast Young Mother For Bringing Baby To Restaurant

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Man And His Date Blast Young Mother For Bringing Baby To Restaurant

Tragically, this new mother had a terrible experience at a local gastropub when her fussy baby was three months old.

The incident, which she recounted online, ignited a heated debate on the social norms that restaurants expect from new parents.

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Reddit user who had just given birth wondered aloud if it had been a mistake to take her infant to a gastropub that welcomed families.

In her now-deleted post on the ‘Am I The A*****e’ forum, she described the gastropub’s laid-back vibe as being in contrast to stuffy, child-free fine dining establishments.

It was to be expected that the baby would get cranky at some point throughout the night, so mom would get a blanket and pacifier and head for the door.

Sadly, the baby began to wail just as she was about to depart, drawing unwelcome attention.

Nabbing a woman and shouting, “No one wants to hear your baby. You’re not special”, one man at an adjacent table opted to vent his fury.

Even though the mother was already making her way to the door, the man persisted in making remarks.

The mother, who was visibly distressed, maintained her composure and proceeded to walk away from him because she did not want to get into an argument—especially since it was inappropriate for the situation.

However, it seems that he had more in store. In fact, the man and his date sent the woman disparaging glances till they finally left when she returned to the restaurant with a placid and contented infant.

The mother acknowledged that she thought the man’s reaction was harsh, but she continues to wonder if it was the right decision to bring her kid to the restaurant.

A number of concerned mothers quickly chimed in to assure the woman that she was completely innocent.

One person wrote: “I have no problem with babies or kids out at restaurants provided their parents continue to parent. [The mom] went above and beyond by removing the baby until they had calmed down, this guy was just being a jerk.”

Someone else agreed, adding: “Some people think that babies and kids dont belong anywhere regardless of how well behaved they are. But if you never take your baby/child anywhere, they’ll never learn how to behave in those places and situations. You did exactly what a responsible parent should do in this situation.”

A further comment read: “I agree with this. You took your baby out, settled the little one down and then returned. Proper parenting from my perspective.”

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