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Liam Neeson And Late Natasha Richardson’s Sons Have Grown Up – This Is Them Today

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Liam Neeson And Late Natasha Richardson’s Sons Have Grown Up – This Is Them Today

The 2009 death of beloved actress Natasha Richardson is a tragedy that everyone remembers. Her husband, Liam Neeson, and their boys, Micheál and Daniel, were left behind.

Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson’s love affair began in 1993, a few years before they were together. Together in the Broadway production of “Anna Christie,” the two performers were acting. The show received a Tony nomination thanks in large part to the palpable chemistry between the two leads.

Image source: Jim Forest/Flickr

Richardson was still married at the time he and the other actor began appearing on Broadway together.

Richardson’s marriage dissolved shortly after, and she began dating Neeson. Richardson was sent a birthday card by Neeson when she turned 30. The general nature of the card confused her, so she phoned Neeson to be sure she had the right person.

The realization that Neeson had fallen in love with her finally dawned on him at this point. After dating for a few years, the pair finally tied the knot on a farm in rural New York.

Happily married years followed. In 1995, they had their first son, and only 18 months later, they had their second. The two had wonderful success in creating a wonderful life and family together.

Suddenly a terrible accident occurred. Natasha Richardson was in Québec, Canada, on March 16, 2009, taking ski lessons when she tragically lost her life.

At the very end of the beginner’s trail, she slipped and struck her head on the frozen ground. Her ski instructor was worried about her concussion, but she treated it like a minor inconvenience. She refused medical help from the ski patrol even after they checked her out as a second opinion at her ski instructor’s urging. Natasha signed a release indicating she did not want any more medical attention.

She even tried to lighten the mood with her worried husband by making light of the situation over the phone. Anxiety, a headache, and a general sense of disorientation set up shortly after the occurrence.

The resort quickly arranged for an ambulance to take her to a local hospital. After receiving emergency care, Natasha appeared to be doing better, but her doctors still opted to transfer her to the trauma center in neighboring Montréal for further treatment.

When Neeson heard that his wife was hospitalized, he made haste to be with her. The hospital staff did not recognize Neeson, so they refused to let him in. But, a sympathetic nurse who witnessed the altercation let Neeson sneak inside his wife’s room.

Neeson found out that his wife was on life support after being diagnosed as brain dead. The distraught actor reflected on a conversation he had with his wife about whether or not to terminate her life support if she were in a vegetative condition.

Neeson continued to tell his wife how much he loved her, even though he wasn’t sure whether she could hear him. He informed her it was the end and offered to drive her back to New York to spend time with her loved ones one last time.

Natasha’s loved ones surrounded her as they said their final farewells. Even the late actress’s famed mother, Vanessa Redgrave, was there.

Even though Neeson, his sons, and other family members were deeply affected by Richardson’s passing, they were able to take solace in the knowledge that her organ donation had saved the lives of three individuals.

It’s been ten years since her passing. When she passed away, her two sons were ages 13 and 12. They’ve matured into men now, with lives of their own to manage.

Their older son, Micheál, has followed in his famous parents’ footsteps by becoming an actor. He has established himself as a leading man in his own right during the course of his career. The 26-year-old actor has appeared in several blockbuster movies. These include “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues,” “Vox Lux,” “Big Dogs,” “Broken Symphony,” and “Paradise.”

There are two films in which Micheál co-starred with his famous father. Both “Cold Pursuit” (2019) and “Made in Italy” (2020) starred the father and son team.

Micheál adopted his mother’s maiden name a few years ago. Micheál Richardson is now his professional name. Of this change, he said, “It was mainly like a homage to my mother, a way to carry her with me. Going into this industry, carrying her last name, it definitely inspires me, and it is also comforting.”

Micheál was quick to dispel rumors that his decision had strained relations with his father. Liam Neeson has gone on record as saying that he approves of his son’s choice and is proud of him.

Even Micheál’s maternal grandmother, Vanessa Redgrave, endorsed of his choice.

Daniel Neeson, Micheál’s younger brother, is not a fan of being in front of the camera. Daniel has a background in both acting and digital media, but he currently focuses on production.

But in 2016, to everyone’s surprise (including his own), he debuted an eco-friendly clothing line.

Daniel said in an interview, “I was a massive athlete. I loved to play sports like hockey and soccer, tennis and football and all of that. I always wanted to be a producer in the entertainment industry or a hockey player or something like that.”

Natasha Richardson’s life died too short but perhaps the actress would take consolation in the knowing that her sons turned out perfectly.

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