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Less Is More – 5 Ways Minimalist Living Will Make You a Happier Person

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Less Is More – 5 Ways Minimalist Living Will Make You a Happier Person

Our lives have become ostentatious and pretentious these days. A lot of us are loading ourselves with information and stuff that we do not even need. We are constantly adding things and people to our lives who only make it harder to live.

That’s where minimalism comes in. It is a way of life which will help you get your life back on track.

What is minimalism anyway?

How many cultures can you recall which do not invest in unnecessary wants and lead a simplistic life? Of course, there’s Scandinavia at the top of the list! Japanese culture is another one who had embraced a minimalistic style of life quite a while back.

What is common amongst all these cultures?

Simplicity, modesty and having a careful attitude toward nature are important life basics in these countries!

You won’t see people from Scandinavia wearing flamboyant clothes or living in a super fancy house. Their housings are simple and spacey with the only furniture which is useful. Their clothes are made from natural, quality fabric with organic prints.

Minimalism, thus, isn’t being cheap or a miser. It is refraining from unnecessary spending and living a life which is relaxing. It is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.

Here’s 5 we all need to adopt!

1. It is highly convenient, overall!

Imagine having loads of things stuffed in your house. How hard is it to find that one thing in an emergency? It would probably take you a lot of time! Now, if you only had what you need to be organized properly, you would know exactly where to find it. Cluttered house only makes things hard. Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz one admitted how scrutinizing her things and wardrobe and cleaning helped her evade her problems. She was also able to organize her thoughts.

2. You save time, money and natural resources.

What would be better: having a couple of good quality clothes which go a long way or a ton of average clothes which will hardly last a year? Of course, it is wise to go for quality products! It also indicates that you care for the environment – less consumption means less production.

If the Duchess of Cambridge can wear the same outfit again, why can’t you?

3. Things are not an investment.

An investment will return with either a profit or a loss. When you spend on things, it isn’t an investment. They lose value over time. Consider how Keanu Reeves chooses to live: no fancy, branded clothes, travel by public transport and doesn’t invest in unnecessary stuff – how smart!

Just remember, it’s not the thing which makes you happy but the act of buying it and it goes away too fast. Don’t put your hard-earned money into buying unnecessary stuff.

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4. There’s so much joy in simple things.

You don’t have memories of things you buy but you have memories of good times spent with your loved ones. The colorful impression doesn’t necessarily come from money. It’s the simple things. Take David Beckham for an example. He knows the importance of investing in his family. His Instagram is filled with pictures of him with his son doing all sorts of joyous things! He has all the money to make him happy but what does he choose instead? Let that sink!

5. Less is more.

Lesser the unneeded and unnecessary stuff you have in your life, easier your life will be. You won’t have to worry about a lot. You won’t have to take care of a lot. There will be less trouble. You will be free. Free from all pretentiousness and superfluous people in your life. You will have more time, space, money and enjoyment in life.

How do you add minimalism into your life?

  • Organization. Organize everything at your workplace and home. Put away anything unnecessary. Just keep your space clean and organized.
  • Donation. Give away all the unnecessary stuff for charity.
  • Avoid gossip. Only talk honest and which concerns you. All those superfluous people will disappear in a snap.
  • Be responsible for your thoughts and be positive.
  • Stay focused on your goals and values without trying to rush everything at once.
  • Once a week, turn off your phone and spend quality time with your loved ones.

The featured image was originally taken by Espen Hatleskog

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