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Keanu Reeves’ Response To A 9-Year-Old Who Says He’s His Favorite Actor Is Breaking Hearts

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Keanu Reeves’ Response To A 9-Year-Old Who Says He’s His Favorite Actor Is Breaking Hearts

Keanu Reeves is a very decent human being, as if that weren’t already abundantly evident.

You’ve probably heard the tales and seen the videos unless you’ve been living under a rock.

You’ll realize that despite his megastar status, fortune, and unimaginable renown, Keanu Reeves is a down to earth person who has never put himself above kindness and compassion.

Reeves appears to do something new every few months to serve as a constant reminder that he is the pinnacle of A-list celebrities who put others before themselves and act as though they genuinely care about society.

Reeves, who is well recognized for his work on blockbuster movies, has recently demonstrated his skill as a comic book writer.

The most popular single issue since Star Wars in 2015, BRZRKR, was co-created and co-written by him and Matt Kindt.

A nine-year-old series fan approached Keanu at a recent book signing to tell him that the Matrix actor was his “favorite actor”. What did Keanu say?

Well, it’s as healthy as you might anticipate…

It’s realistic to suppose that there are very few days when you don’t run into someone who wants you to take their picture or sign their autograph when your star shines as brightly as Keanu Reeves’s does.

The rigmarole must occasionally grow tiresome, although one would never know it from watching Keanu engage with his admirers.

After all, it only makes sense that people constantly demanding a piece of you would wear you out.

Over the years, the 58-year-old has demonstrated his enormous heart and compassion numerous times.

Take the time, for instance, when he patiently answered a boy’s string of questions after a protracted flight.

How about the time Sandra Bullock disclosed that he had surprised her with champagne and truffles after she confided in him that she had never eaten them?

We could continue forever. The point is that Keanu Reeves is a really wonderful person, so it should come as little surprise that he’s back on social media after speaking with a nine-year-old fan.

According to rumors, the young child approached Reeves at a book signing and exclaimed, “I’m such a big fan!”

Reeves can be heard asking the boy his name in video that IGN has made available. Keanu introduces himself when the nine-year-old says “Noah” (as if there was any need).

“You’re probably my favourite actor in the whole world!” Noah says in the clip.

The next image shows Keanu grinning broadly. He exclaims, “Oh my gosh, Noah, thank you!”

After that, the 58-year-old actor asked his little admirer if he had seen Duke Caboom, the doll Reeves voiced in doll Story 4.

“Yeah, he’s my favourite character!” Noah replies.

In these interactions, Keanu’s enthusiasm shines through as much as his politeness.

The John Wick actor always seems to be just as glad to interact with others as they are to interact with him, according to fans, who were quick to point this out.

We believe it is fair to ignore the proverbial rule that you should never meet your idols in Keanu’s case.

Are you a major Keanu Reeves fan as well? Which Keanu Reeves movie is your favorite?

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