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In Less Than 3 Minutes This Video Will Change The Way You Look At Life


In Less Than 3 Minutes This Video Will Change The Way You Look At Life

I was walking the other day with my friend, and we were chatting about the weekend. It was Wednesday and I asked him what are his plans for the weekend. He told me that he would just wait for a meeting on Tuesday, and he will probably wait for that day and “kill time” over the weekend.

The “killing time” stuck with me for a few days and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. Not because I was really thinking how he would “kill” the time, but I was a bit feeling low and depressed over that thought. While we are “killing time”, time literally kills us. By the time we retire, the bigger pie of life is already gone and there is no way back.

The I came over this video, and it made so much sense to me. I am in the thirties, thinking about money and security, but I am not that happy and fulfilled while I chase those things. We all know there is a “time” factor to earn money, but what if we all get stuck in that rat race and never get out of the road? What if we know these things, and keep on working a job we hate only for paycheck?

We all need to wake up! Not just wake up in 6AM to go to work, but literally wake up from the daydream.

We need to be more present, here in this very second. We need to do, as a matter of fact, we must do more things that make us happy. I’ve realized that if you get too caught chasing things, you will never be happy. We must set our goal higher than things or people.

This video bellow says it all, and it was a short wake up call for me!

Thanks to Unkle Adams for publishing this video and make sure to follow him on his Facebook Page!

Motivational Video – Time Is Precious

This video will change the way you look at life in less than 3 minutes! Instagram 📸: videos 📺:

Posted by Unkle Adams on Monday, 27 June 2016

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