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If Your Girl Does These 14 Things, She’s The Best Girl For You


If Your Girl Does These 14 Things, She’s The Best Girl For You

Relationships are built on trust and commitment. It isn’t a child’s play. Longevity is ensured only when both the partners contribute equally to it.

However, it is also possible to introspect in order to ensure if our partners are genuine and still in love with you or not.

Here are the 14 signs to look for in your girl to confirm if she is the best for you:

1. She believes in your potentials and dreams

She never undermines your goals. She accepts you to be a flawed, perfect individual with whom she’s in love and has the capability to maximize his aptitude.

2. She encourages you

She always keeps you on a high pedestal, respects your thoughts, dreams and goals. She supports you in all your ambitions and pushes you to cross boundaries.

3. She always keeps a check on you

She is always concerned about you, takes care of you all the time and all her feelings are genuine. She never interferes in your own world and your time. But she is always solicitous and caring towards you.

4. She pays attention to all that you say

She is a great listener. She absorbs all your ideas besides her own, believes in sharing ideas and implementing them. She knows that a healthy relationship requires a cohesive and constructive communication between the both of you.

5. She is there beside you whenever you need her

A romantic relationship also requires an understanding partnership. She agrees to be your pillar of support and help you whenever you’re in need. In this way she strengthens the bond.

6. She knows honesty is the best policy

She believes there shouldn’t be any breach of trust. A honest relationship shared between you let’s your love to bloom. She believes you deserve better and you’re not worth of lies. Lies rot the relationship and sharing and caring embolden it.

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7. She trusts that you’ll always be true to her

This shows how much she loves you. She will always trust you enough to tell you all her honest rants and expect you to do the same. She hates mistrust. She will never give any space for arguments and try to solve issues constructively between you both.

8. She has her own sense of individuality

Besides the relationship, she believes in a life of her own. She values her self worth, self esteem, is strong and a powerful individual that makes her liked by all. Individuality is the key to a strong personality and likes to keep it that way.

9. She gives you your own personal space

She isn’t too clingy. She knows that personal spaces are important where one can nurture one’s own self and contribute more efficiently to this relationship. She will never hold you back or allow you to suffocate in this love.

10. She is proud to declare you her princely possession

She is proud to show you off to the world for the nicest human being you are. She is extremely proud in the way you presented yourself and vocally declares her love for you. She is not shy to take you anywhere with her.

11. She gives an effort for the other people who are close to you

She never disrespects the other people who are closest to you. She makes all effort to make you realise that people who are important to him are equally important to her. She gives you your own time with them.

12. She tries to maintain a consistent pace with you

She is neither hot nor cold with. She is nothing but consistent. She is 100% reliable and tender and loving. She loves you with all her heart and makes all effort to love you forever despite all odds.

13. She is always her own self

She believes in pure originality. She doesn’t try to be like anyone else. She is her own self, jolly and bubbly and a little shy. Because she knows you’ve always loved her as she was and you will never want her to change.

14. She doesn’t force you to be anyone else

She never takes you for granted. She loves you for who you are. She never wants to force her own wills upon you or change you. You are special and unique and the only one for her.

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