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If You Find These Creepy Insects In Your Home, You Need To Know What It Means

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If You Find These Creepy Insects In Your Home, You Need To Know What It Means

There are some bugs that most of us can live without, even though we all have to deal with some kind of bug in our homes at some point during the year.

If you live in the country, you’re probably used to flies, ants, spiders, and other bugs coming into your home (or at least trying to) during the summer and other times as well.

This time of year, bugs come out in droves, but some people aren’t bothered by the thought. I don’t mind if spiders make webs in my corners, and a fly buzzing around the kitchen maybe once in a while.

But I don’t agree with earwigs…

A lot of people have seen earwigs in their homes at some point, even if they didn’t know what they were. For the record, these little bugs are about as uncute as it gets. They may look like they could sting or bite you badly, but they’re actually completely safe.

Still, most people don’t like having a bunch of earwigs crawling around their house. Of course I do, which is why I thought one trick for dealing with them was so helpful.

A Facebook user named Alicia Alexander wrote about the tried-and-true way she got rid of earwigs, and I think other people might be interested in it too.

Alicia says that the best way to catch earwigs is to put a shallow bowl with half a cup of olive oil in it and then put it in your garden or on your deck.

It is said that the picture below shows how many earwigs Alicia had collected in less than 24 hours:

This is the same bowl 36 hours later…

According to reports, earwigs are drawn to the sweet olive oil, but they can’t get out of the bowl once they get inside. If you have a problem with earwigs, this might be the best way to get rid of them!

Don’t let the appearance of an unusually high number of earwigs in your home scare you, but it could mean that the wood is rotting. If you have any wooden buildings at home, you should check them for earwigs and other insects that like wood rot.

Still, earwigs looking for better places to live inside your house isn’t a reason to worry. This is perfectly normal, and their appearance probably won’t change anything about you.

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