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If You Experience These 10 Signs You Are a Mystic and You Don’t Know It


If You Experience These 10 Signs You Are a Mystic and You Don’t Know It

The word “mystic” has often been associated with very contradictory meanings. On one hand, it has been given a denigrating definition of being associated with religious delusion and other related hokum, while the other is more holy and more sacred.

A mystic would be someone who has achieved certain powers that has elevated them spiritually higher than the people around them.

There are some people who show a certain spiritual superiority over their peers, thanks to some innate divinity in them. Indians name it ‘Shakti’, while the Chinese call it ‘Chi’.

These ten tendencies are tell-tale signs of a higher inner chi. Read on and tell us what you think!

1. You are Socratic in your learning

Like the fabled teacher from Ancient Greece, you know that the only thing worth being certain about is the fact that the knowledge you possess is limited. Your method of learning is by asking questions and questioning things one does every day without any thought whatsoever.

2. You are empirical

That is you would believe life-experience over dogma any day. You believe in God because you feel divinity around you, not because some holy book has told you to. Second-hand accounts of divine deliriums don’t tingle your spine – you would rather see it for yourself.

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3. You don’t take words of other at face value

Just because someone somewhere says that something is correct, you know that that doesn’t make it right. It is this fundamental skepticism that has defined all philosophical thoughts since Rene Descartes. You make sure you think enough on something before believing it.

4. Your gut feeling is your greatest guide

Intuition is your greatest defense and offense. It tells you everything you need to know to decide on something and in order to resolve a dilemma. You trust it over any book, any day. Your intuition level is very high at all times and you know you can rely on it and be right almost always.

5. Hierarchies in faith are not your thing

It was a thinker in Medieval Padua who first wrote in this context. His name, Marsiglio and his book, the anti-clerical treatise Defensor de Pacis. None of the greats, Jesus, Mohammed, Gautama Buddha or Confucius wrote down anywhere that some “priests” were superior to others or that priests were necessary for worship for that matter. The last guru of the Sikhs in India, Gobind Singh, in fact made sure that the very position of guru in Sikhism was taken down after his death. Power corrupts even the purest and hence you do not believe it is necessary in something like faith.

6. You are the rebel

Every great religious leader was persecuted in his own lifetime because they chose a path that differed from the rest. Take Christ for example: Crucified as a criminal.

Meerabai: tried for adultery repeatedly.

Ali Hassan and Ali Hussain: killed by their opponents in a bloody and gruesome manner.

Socrates: poisoned.

7. Real growth comes from within

His holiness the Dalai Lama says: “Happiness must come from inside. You might be a millionaire, but feel lonely inside.” Bliss comes not from objects of prosperity but from inner peace and this is something that you understand quite well.

8. You believe love comes through you, not from you

The gospel of Love is what you live by. Love towards all living things is what you practice. Love is the force that binds us all and fuels all our spiritual growth. The fact that one cannot understand where exactly it comes from only proves its divinity. It cannot be for social utility only. We keep on loving even if the object of our love doesn’t love us back or is dead.

9. You try to heal

You believe in service and you believe in kindness. You will always go the extra mile to serve people and animals who are in need of it. Your presence is spiritually healing and hence your peers seek for you all the time.

10. You know that some things in life are just not explicable

This is a part of your spiritual skepticism. You know that humanity still has a lot to learn and science still has blind spots here and there.

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