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If You Are The Backyard Rocking Chair Type Of A Person This Story Is About To Blow You Away

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If You Are The Backyard Rocking Chair Type Of A Person This Story Is About To Blow You Away

There’s a Pinterest pandemic going on, and it can blow you away how some people get creative with things we usually throw away, or have another use for.

If you’re a fan of Nature, especially the backyard rocking-chair-type-of-a-person, then this story is about to blow you away. Rosie lives on 23-acres of land in a privately-owned reserve in Coromandel, New Zeland. It’s not the usual cabin in the woods used in horror movies. Instead, this woman lives in a stunning home made of five 20-foot shipping containers. She named her house Ahurewa, which means “sacred place”, and the name fits like a LEGO.

Rosie positioned this house so that she has a perfect view of the sunset and sunrise every single day. It’s the perfect combination for me to grow old in this amazing house.

The Goal Was To Live Sustainably

Rosie’s goal when building her home was to live as sustainably as possible. Her aim was to respect the nature she’s surrounded with, not take away from it. The elements she used to achieve this were:

  • Using 12 solar panels in a 4kW system for electricity
  • A vermicomposting toilet
  • Two 2,500 L water tanks that direct water waste to the composting toilets for second use there.

Her garden is another thing! She has edible and medicinal plants. Also, she braced herself for the cloudy days with backup batteries and a power inverter. It’s a win-win in every situation so she doesn’t rely on the weather to function properly.

Watch The Whole Video:

If you love tiny homes and everything off-grid living, then be sure to check out more from Living Big In A Tiny House. You can follow them on Instagram and on YouTube.

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