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I Was Enraged When I Saw My Fiancé’s Christmas Gift to Me After I Bought Him a PS5

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I Was Enraged When I Saw My Fiancé’s Christmas Gift to Me After I Bought Him a PS5

The OP (Original poster) explained on twitter about an inappropriate situation she had with her fiancé, and many people agree with her response, while others say it’s too much.

Here’s the whole story (in our own words) and we’ll let you do the decision!

My fiancé and I have been engaged for six months. I do hairstyling and he’s a pediatrician.

I had a hard time spending the months of savings I had for my fiancé’s birthday on the one present he had always desired but never shopped for.

When I couldn’t get it anywhere else, I ended up buying him a PS5 from a relative. I can’t tell you how difficult that was.

Thanks to the private practice he and his colleagues have launched, my fiancé’s financial situation has improved significantly.

He surprised his parents with his former apartment (which he kept a secret from me) and his brother with his customized vintage Mercedes this year.

A few days prior to Christmas, he asked me what I wanted for a present but then went busy.

I mentioned the things I could use or need and the chance of receiving them as a present this year.

He was paying attention and got my point. When that happened, I assumed he had a breakthrough.

Everyone in the family came to join us in celebrating Christmas. I observed that he had gotten a pack of toothpicks for me, in addition to everyone else’s gifts

I was confused when he gave it to me; I asked, and he explained that it belonged to me. His little sister began to giggle softly, as if it were amusing. I was so shocked!

“So, what exactly is this?!” He pretended that I was worsening the situation.

With a serious expression on his face, he inquired if I would accept it or if he should give it to his niece instead.

The fact that he stated that so suddenly shocked me.

After I questioned his sincerity, he encouraged me to take it as is, thanked me for the PlayStation 5, and declared his love for me.

His family started laughing uncontrollably, and I lost it. I bolted for the restroom. I was near tears of shame because of how bad I felt.

He came knocking on my door and said that he was joking. That it was all in good fun. Moreover, his sister had the brilliant idea.

As I lost it and began ranting at him, my entire family gathered around the restroom to observe.

I accused him of being an a$$hole for what he had done to me.

His sister even videotaped my response for lols, so she could make fun of me later.

I accused him of being immature and cruel, but he insisted it wasn’t a big thing that he embarrassed me in front of his parents. I left for my mom’s house after we had an argument.

He gave me a call and said I was being dramatic and that he wasn’t expecting my reaction.

In a phone call, his mom scolded me for “ruining dinner and everyone’s mood and causing a scene” since I left unexpectedly, which she said upset my fiancée.

I honestly didn’t get the joke, and my mom believed they were all terrible for participating.

He began apologizing to me the following day when he brought my “real” present and claimed his sister had proposed the idea. And made use of it as a justification.

No one should have to put up with this; it was unacceptable.

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What do you think about this ‘salty’ joke? Was it funny or her reaction was mild?

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