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I Ditched A Woman I’ve Had A Crush On At The Restaurant On Our First Date

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I Ditched A Woman I’ve Had A Crush On At The Restaurant On Our First Date

For some time, a guy developed feelings for a woman he saw at the gym.

Finally, he worked up the nerve to ask her out. It was a major error of judgment, though, and he quickly decided he didn’t want to see her again.

A white woman whom an Indian man had a crush on at the gym went on a date with him. On the other hand, he saw that their personalities were completely at odds.

The man blocked her number since he knew he would never want to see her again after the disastrous evening. In addition, he considered more extreme actions to ensure that he would never have to encounter her again.

After abandoning his date and banning the woman’s phone, he decided to tell his experience online and see whether anyone thought he was crazy. The situation was discussed by many netizens.

What Happened during the Man’s Date?

He made reservations at a Korean barbecue joint for their first date. After waiting at the bar for a little, they were seated at their table when the woman noticed the fire and wanted to know its purpose.

In response to his date’s apparent lack of familiarity with the term, the man went on to explain what a Korean BBQ was. When he informed his date that they would be cooking the meal together, she inquired:

“But why do we have to do all the work?”

If her date wasn’t into the BBQ, the man assured her they could always eat from the a la carte menu; he just thought it was fun. She suggested that the wait staff at the restaurant take care of everything.

The man wanted to finish the date even though he was humiliated by his date’s actions.

She had already requested dessert by the time their lunch was over. A menu was his desire, and he was in agreement.

The woman said the “immigrants” weren’t doing anything useful and that she was concerned they were taking American taxpayer money as they were there illegally after the server left with the menu.

As soon as the woman spoke, a small group of people around started speaking to each other.

She took note of this and added insults directed at them, including a racial slur used against Pakistanis.

Given his Indian heritage, the man was appalled that the woman would target the tribe with such a derogatory term. However, the woman clarified her meaning upon observing her date’s expression:

“Oh no, I don’t mean Latinos. They’re fine. I LOVE Mexican food.”

Despite his initial disappointment, the man persisted in seeing the date all the way to dessert, even though the woman had mistaken him for Latino instead than Indian.

After he stepped out to use the restroom, he paid for their bill and left the restaurant with a tip.

He drove the woman to the restaurant, but he abandoned her there. Upon returning home, he blocked her number.

He was so sure he would run into her at his new gym that he considered making the change.

The man explained that he just left her at the restaurant because, following her behavior and statements on their date, he felt uncomfortable spending twenty minutes in the car with her.

He polled online users to see if they thought he was mistaken.

In light of what the woman had done to him, the man quickly learned that many people agreed with him that he was correct to leave and block her phone, and many applauded him for paying the bill.

Other patrons, though, warned the man that he was being foolish to abandon the wait staff in order to inform the woman.

There were some who thought the guy should have given an explanation for his departure.

Contrary to what happened in this couple, the lady in another pair was the one who blocked the male after their date ended.

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