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Homeless Man Spits Some Truth And Profound Wisdom

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Homeless Man Spits Some Truth And Profound Wisdom

Reminding you that this homeless person bellow, suffering on the streets, alone with no friends and family could have been you.

We have little or no control at all in what family we are born into and how our life experiences affect the choices we make.

We often forget to reminisce how blessed we are to have the life, friends, and family that we currently have. This should be the pillar of motivation to make us do the things we truly want to achieve.

Do not ignore, or ridicule the homeless person on the street because all that was needed was tiny bit of bad luck for that homeless person to have been you!

Homeless guy spits some truth:

This video made by Tyler Mann, a filmmaker from Austin, presents a homeless man sharing his tragic life story of being a successful working man, to being homeless and rejected by society.

“Sometimes you have to lose everything in life to realize what it’s all really worth.”

Tyler Mann sat with this homeless man and had the (probably) most profound conversation in his life!

From being a successful working man, to drug addict, and convict for 12 years, this homeless man tells the real truth about society.


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