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His Michael Jackson Moves Were Cool, But Watch What Happens When Janitor Enters The Stage

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His Michael Jackson Moves Were Cool, But Watch What Happens When Janitor Enters The Stage

You would have seen a lot of tributes to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He was and still is a favourite! He had his own charm which is unreachable but his devotees continue walking in his footsteps when it comes to dancing. Then, there is this traditional Punjabi dance called Bhangra. Ever seen the two kind of dances come together in one performance? Well, Signature will show you how the two dances mix together.

This clip is from the Britain’s Got Talent auditions in 2008. Signature performed this dance in duo – with the first part of the performance being a tribute to MJ and the following part being an amalgamation of pop and Bhangra. The background music perfectly accompanies the dance moves. You will listen to MJ’s original in the first half and a typical up-beat Punjabi song in the other with a mixture of the both towards the end.

Recall the most iconic moves MJ has ever pulled. This guy in the video pulled off a couple of those moves quite conveniently. Now, where there is MJ, it is hard to believe that the crowd won’t go roaring. And this performance was no different. Audience loved the Signature moves – they hooted, they applauded and enjoyed throughout the performance – you would too! You will probably join the audience in appreciating the efforts Signature made.

Without further ruining the performance for you, it would be safe to disclose that when the man with a turban and a broom enters the stage, you will be just as confused as the judges seem in the video – trying to figure out what is coming next! It is indeed a surprise-filled performance. Wait until the judges have passed their verdict and you wouldn’t agree with them anymore. It is indeed a spectacular MJ-tribute worthy act.

Thanks to Got Talent Global for reminding us of this incredible act! Make sure to follow them on Facebook Page and YouTube Channel for more amazing videos!

Michael Jackson Tribute Act: Signature on Britain's Got Talent 2008 (Audition)

Happy Birthday to the King of POP! #GotTalent

Posted by Got Talent Global on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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