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Here are 7 things you do different because you have High Emotional Intelligence


Here are 7 things you do different because you have High Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and process your own as well as others’ emotions. People with higher than usual emotional intelligence, understand the world and its people better and can regulate their emotions according to their surroundings and environment.

Listed below are seven things people with higher than normal emotional intelligence do differently.

1. Driven

People with high emotional intelligence are very driven in general. They are not blind to the problems of the world and the people but that does not mean that they get disheartened and give up. They find out new ways to deal with these issues and get everything done. They want to change the world for the greater good of humankind.

2. Self Aware

People in possession of high emotional intelligence are self aware, which means that they are not blind to their strengths and weaknesses. They always know what their weak points are and how they have to work on them. They also know what their strong points are and how they can improve on them. They are comfortable being whoever they are and are self assured.

3. Empathy

They are true empaths. They not only listen to other peoples’ problems but also have deep compassion towards them, and place themselves in their shoes. They feel the pain but don’t let it engulf them as they always look for the solution and find a way to make it all better. They don’t spend their lives in the darkness of these negative emotions and believe in making everything the best of what it can be.

4. Fascinated

Human beings with high emotional intelligence have an innate desire to know everything they see and observe. They are naturally curious beings and therefore everything fascinates them. They want to learn new things all the time and keep themselves in the loop. They are suckers for new experiences and ideas. They solve one problem in several ways, just to see what each process would lead to. They also believe in sharing their knowledge and whatever they learn with everyone they know, as they believe that knowledge is increased when spread.

5. Handle change beautifully

Most of us are afraid of change and do not take even the idea of it too well, but people who have high emotional intelligence are pretty different in this regard. They are very well disposed towards change as they believe that change always brings something positive with it and though a few things might go wrong but it is always for the greater good. They are not scared of what the future might have in store for them because they know they will make it through everything that life throws at them like the trooper they all are.

6. Good at striking a balance

Emotionally intelligent people are not all-work or all-play. They know what they have to do, when and how. They understand that some things have to be done on time and cannot be delayed, but they will not spend all of their time slogging. They know when to give themselves a break and how to get work done when they need to. They are wonderful at striking a balance that gives them enough time to relax and work. They know how to make a routine and follow it effectively.

7. They don’t chase perfection

As I have already mentioned and elaborated on how self aware these people are, it is no surprise that they don’t live their lives chasing something that they know does not exist – perfection. They know the perfection is a myth and do not run after it. They do what feels right at the moment, taking into account their strong and weak points and just roll with it.

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