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“Hawaii Five-0” Star Taylor Wily Dead At 56. Cause Of Death, UFC And Movie Career, And All About MMA Star

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“Hawaii Five-0” Star Taylor Wily Dead At 56. Cause Of Death, UFC And Movie Career, And All About MMA Star

The news of the passing of a trailblazer who participated in the inaugural UFC event shocked the mixed martial arts community

Six days after turning 56, actor, mixed martial artist, and former sumo wrestler Taylor Wily passed away on June 20, 2024.

Although his experience in martial arts may not have been well known, Wily gained notoriety for his portrayal in the popular television series “Hawaii Five-0,” which was a reboot of the iconic 1970s crime drama.

Wily was a Hawaiian icon who was adored for his numerous performing endeavors, thus the fandom was shocked to learn of his passing and expressed their condolences.

Let’s examine what is known about his acting career, the reasons for his death, and his impact on the mixed martial arts community.

Taylor Wily – Cause of death

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1968, Taylor Wily was of American Samoan descent. Her birth name was Teila Tuli.

Wily’s manager, Michael Henderson, made a public statement to USA TODAY stating that Wily passed away from “natural causes.” As of this writing, no other information was available.

Paul Almond, his attorney, verified the same, however he did not provide the precise reason or place of his demise. Executive producer of “Hawaii Five-0,” Peter Lenkov, posted a comment on Instagram that read, “I am devastated. Heartbroken. I’ll post some detailed feeling in a few days. Just too hard right now.”

With his portrayal of Kamekona, a small business owner with a golden heart, Wily’s involvement in the show instantly made him a fan favorite and won over viewers all over the world. In a subsequent post, Lenkov said, “You were family. And I will miss you every day, brother.”

Wily’s path from the sumo ring to Hollywood was a monument to his versatility, tenacity, and enormous talent. As fans and colleagues grieve his passing, his influence in the entertainment and sports worlds remains everlasting.

Magnum P.I., Hawaii Five-O, and everything regarding Rikishi’s UFC career

Known mostly for his acting career, Taylor Wily was a trailblazing combatant on the inaugural UFC show that took place in Denver in 1993.

With a goal of matching up diverse kinds of martial arts, Wily was drawn from his brilliant career as a sumo wrestler, in which he had a record of 57-27-14. This was the first UFC event.

Wily continued his martial arts training while switching to New Japan Pro Wrestling after his sumo career.

His offer to participate in the historic UFC event came about as a result of his efforts. Submitting to Gerard Gordeau’s head kick, Teila Tuli, fighting under his real name, was knocked out in under 26 seconds, making it a historic bout in mixed martial arts history.

This was Tuli’s only mixed martial arts outing, and it was also the first UFC battle to be aired. Following his brief time in mixed martial arts, Wily changed careers and took on a new stage name.

He costarred with Jason Segel as an amiable hotel employee in the comedy “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” which was his first notable performance.

Wily’s long-running part in the TV series “Hawaii Five-O,” which he returned in a spin-off series called “Magnum PI,” contributed to the further development of his acting career.

The series ran for 171 episodes till its completion in 2020. His career is varied and accomplished, as seen by his path from sumo wrestling to the UFC and finally Hollywood.

He was able to achieve more success and a wider audience by switching from the boxing ring to the screen.

Even though his career in mixed martial arts was brief, he had a big influence on the sport in its early years.

Wily’s influence goes beyond his career accomplishments. His wife and two kids, who remember him as a performer and athlete as well as a loving family man, survive him.

The narrative of Taylor Wily’s life bears witness to the adaptability and tenacity that marked his ascent from the sumo ring to the bright lights of Hollywood.

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