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Happy Couple Post 10th Anniversary Picture Online, But Just As They Did They Got Flooded With Worried Calls

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Happy Couple Post 10th Anniversary Picture Online, But Just As They Did They Got Flooded With Worried Calls

When Thomas and Sienna posted a picture on social media to mark their tenth wedding anniversary, chaos broke out. The picture showed a creepy face, which set off a chain of events that led the happy pair to discover a horrible truth.

Thomas set the camera’s timer quickly and stood next to Sienna in front of the fireplace, telling her, “Ten years.”

In response, Sienna said, “Ten years of us.”

While the timer on the camera was running out, Sienna thought she heard a soft sound behind her in the hallway. She briefly considered it, but quickly put it out of her mind and turned her attention to their anniversary picture, which was another one of the pictures that showed their lives.

Their house already had a lot of stuff lying around and on the walls.

The sudden sigh of Thomas made him miss his old life. He said, “I remember when we first moved in here… We slept on the floor for two nights.” The edges of his eyes were getting wrinkled.

Then Sienna said, “And now, every corner holds a part of our story.” We can also share these pieces with other people…on social media.” She laughed, pressed a button on her phone, and then put it away to enjoy the rest of the night.

The sun woke her up in the morning, but as she opened her eyes, Sienna saw that something else was also making them wake up.

“Check that, hon,” Thomas said, his voice slurred from sleep. “It’s been pinging for a while now.”

She reached for her nightstand with her eyes half closed and held the phone up to her ear. There were too many alerts from social media. For comfort, she got up a bit on the bed and checked them.

She frowned and said, “People are saying there’s something weird in our picture.” “I have several missed calls, too.”

Thomas moved over to look at her phone. “What’s wrong?” What kind of?”

She raised an eyebrow as she read some responses. “They say there is a strange face in the background. That’s not possible, though, right?”

He let out a sigh, took out his phone, and looked at the picture. “Maybe just shadows or something.” “Don’t worry about it.” He gave her the phone back with a shake of his head and got up for the day. Sienna kept reading, though.

In one comment, a screenshot was used to show a creepy baby face near her shoulder in the picture. “Thank you, Thomas…” “What the heck is that?” With her finger on the screen, she whispered in fear.

Thomas came back and looked over. He had been brushing his teeth at that point. “It’s gotta be a prank.”

But Sienna was scared because she remembered the noise the camera made while it took the picture. She looked for the original picture on her phone until she found it in the gallery app.

“This isn’t a bug. It’s too clear and true. “Look at that face,” she said, her eyes wild and wide.

Thomas wasn’t sure yet, but Sienna wouldn’t give up. The picture was looked at by her. “Look. “There’s this strange, hazy presence in every picture,” she said. “I believe it might be a ghost.” There may be ghosts in our house.

“We’ve lived here for ten years.” “We would have known,” he laughed, but the sound was broken. Sienna could tell he was confused, if not completely scared.

As they thought about the strange find, Sienna went to where the camera had been and started taking pictures to try to figure out what was going on. The test was stopped when she screamed in fear and hands were put over her shoulders.

“Calm down, love. “It’s me,” her husband said with a laugh. “Forget about that picture.” Remember that we have lunch plans?”

Sienna agreed and got ready, but before going, she looked around the house with fear. For a while, she just kept staring as Thomas opened the car door for her and then walked to the driver’s seat.

She looked at the window because of a movement. She yelled when the same scary face showed up. She pointed at the house and said, “Stop the car!” Thomas looked hard, but he couldn’t make out anything. Even though it was gone, Sienna was sure of what she had seen.

That night, Sienna woke up to the sound of a sad cry and footsteps in their house. “Darling, get up. Could you hear that?” As she whispered, she heard sobs coming from the hallway.

Thomas woke up and heard the noise too. He grabbed the phone right away.

“We can’t call 911 for a ghost!” He refused to give up on protecting them from a real threat, even though Sienna argued. He got his gun and went to check things out after the call was over.

“I’m going with you!” Sienna said when she didn’t want to stay behind.

They slowly got closer to the source of the strange sounds in their home. Thomas looked in the spare bedroom, but he heard footsteps coming down the hall. They were careful with every step because they could hear more noise—a different language—coming from the kitchen.

When Sienna finally saw the truth about the person who broke into their house, she jumped a little and yelled again. It wasn’t a ghost. Instead, they found the scary presence of a boy who wasn’t eating—the same boy from their picture. He was crying, and tears and snot were covering his pale, thin face.

“Freeze!” Thomas yelled, but the boy just cried and shook his head. When her husband looked at the intruder and saw that there was no danger, he dropped his arm. “Hi, everything is fine. We’re not going to hurt you.

“Help?” The child’s eyes got really big with happiness.

Even though her heart was pounding, Sienna’s fear turned to compassion when he begged her to help. “You’re hungry, right?” she asked with a sweet smile.

“Hungry, yes.” The kid said “yes.”

“What’s your name?”


The couple found out that the boy hadn’t meant to break in while Sienna was making Nikolai a sandwich. We had to help him. It was a soft question, “Where did you come from?”

Nikolai didn’t say anything, which showed that he had run away from a “bad place.”

It was, “Where’s your mother now?”

That made him feel a little better. It was a sniffle. “You will help Mama?” he asked.

“Of course we will, sweetheart,” Sienna said after stuttering for a moment. Please tell us where to find her.

“I see a bear on the wall and flowers in the garden. The flowers look like the sky.” “I run to the wire wall, but the big dog is there,” Nikolai cried out again. “I’m sorry, son. I run, and now Mama is by herself.”

Someone knocked on the door. It was the cops who answered Thomas’s first call. Even though Sienna told him, “It’s okay, it’s the police,” Nikolai got scared and tried to get out of the house through a window. “They can help us find your mom!”

The scared boy ran away, though, and both Sienna and the cops missed him. The next day, she and Thomas decided to look for Nikolai on their own. They put up his picture around the neighborhood and got different responses, but no real leads.

Nancy, one of their interested neighbors, saw the “ghost” in their anniversary picture and knew who it was. Other people eventually joined the search after her.

Sienna finally got to a Victorian house that had been ignored for a long time and knocked. Not an answer. She jumped when she heard barking nearby. It came from behind a fence made of metal. Her thoughts went to Nikolai’s words as she looked around and noticed the chicory flowers. “Wire wall,” she whispered.

She looked into it more and found a boarded-up window. From inside, she heard a woman pleading for help. In an instant, she had her phone ready to call the cops. After that, she called Thomas. As soon as he did, other people gathered around.

When the police arrived, they broke into the house and found Nikolai’s mother. She was crying with gratitude as she told them her story. “My name is Asya. I brought my son here to start a new life. To marry a man, but he’s a monster! “He locked me up,” she said in broken English.

People looked for Nikolai and found him in the basement. He was quickly brought back to his mother. Because Sienna helped save lives, a police officer thanked her. “Ma’am, thanks for letting us know about this. These people were helped by your quick reaction.

“Who was the man who did this?” She asked as she wrapped her arms around herself.

“We’ve already sent officers to arrest him at his job,” the officer told her. Nikolai and Asya are going to a safe spot. It looks like she came from Russia as a mail-order wife. Right now, we don’t know if her position as an immigrant is legal or not, but we’ll make sure they get the help they need.

Nick saw them and went over to help. “Thank you,” he said. It’s safe now for Mama and Nikolai. He waved at his mom on the way back. After that, a kind social worker took them to a shelter.

Thomas and Sienna went back home after a while. They leaned back on the couch and sighed. It was hard to believe that their picture had caused all of this. Sitting there, Sienna tilted her head and watched Thomas reach for his suitcase. He snapped his fingers as if he remembered something.

He held up a framed print of the now-famous photo the couple had shared on social media and said, “I think the latest photo for the mantle deserves a special place.”

Sienna joked, “It’s the best of the bunch,” and they both laughed.

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