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Grandpa’s choice to gather the entire family will leave you in tears

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Grandpa’s choice to gather the entire family will leave you in tears

Lonely grandfather got a voice message from his daughter and granddaughter, in a matter of seconds he went from excitement to utter heartbreak…

For X reasons, his daughter told him that she wasn’t going to make it for Christmas home, as this man sadly sat at home, his other children told him that they weren’t going to make it either.

His family was scattered around the world; one of his sons was away busy working China working, while the other one was busy working at the hospital. The trip to gather was too time-consuming and expensive for them all.

Each of the children had a great excuse as to why they cannot come every year, but all those things were just excuses.

The old man decided to do something real about it and make something that will force them to come, but it wasn’t very pleasant. It was the only way he was going to bring the entire family together.

If he couldn’t gather his children for Christmas, a time where everyone should be celebrating their faith along with their family, then he was going to force his family to come home.

The old man decided to tell his family that he died!

It was the best/worst choice to make to gather the entire family, and the plan worked perfectly.

He sent out his own funeral invitations to each of his children around the world, and as they walked through his door to look at their old childhood home, they were shocked to see who was standing on the doorway!

With his entire family there, Grandpa had just one thing to say that left everyone in tears… but we will let you watch the video and see what that was.

Watch this incredible commercial made by EDEKA:

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