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God Created Woman – Story

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God Created Woman – Story

The sixth day of creation, when God made women, he was working late.

A visiting angel inquired. ”Why spend so much time on her”

Suddenly, the Lord spoke. Have you seen all the requirements I must fulfill to mold her?

In all kinds of situations, she must be able to perform.

She needs to be able to embrace multiple children at once.

Get a hug that will make you feel better about anything, from a sprained ankle to a shattered heart.

She has only two hands and must accomplish everything.

When she becomes sick, she heals herself and continues her 18-hour workday.


Just two hands… impossible!

…and this is the standard model.”

Angel approached, placing a hand on the lady.

However, Lord, you have softened her greatly.

The Lord remarked, “She is soft.”

“However, I have given her courage. What she can go through and overcome is beyond comprehension.”

The Angel questioned, “Can she think?”

There was a quick response from God. “She can not only think but also reason and negotiate.”

She felt the Angel’s hand on her face.

“Oh Lord, it looks like this invention springs a leak!

You have made her carry too much weight.

“No, she’s not dripping; it is a tear,” the Lord corrected the Angel.

“What is it for?” inquired the Angel.

The Lord declared, “Tears are her way of expressing her grief, her doubts, her love, her loneliness, her suffering, and her pride.”…

The Angel was profoundly affected by this.

“Lord, you are so brilliant. You’ve considered every possibility.”

A woman is very amazing.

God declared, “She is indeed.”

Her strength would astound a man.

She is strong and able to bear a lot of responsibility.

Joy, affection, and love are stored in her heart.

Even when she wants to yell, she manages to smile.

She cries while laughing, laughs while crying, and cries while singing.

She’s not afraid to put up a battle for what she believes in.

Her love is unlimited.

When a close relative or friend passes away, she grieves deeply yet musters the fortitude to carry on.

A flawless being, the Angel told God.

No, the Lord replied. There’s only one flaw about her.

“She often forgets what she is worth!”

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