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Garth Brooks Faces Widespread Boycott Of His Bar And Music After Making Controversial Statement

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Garth Brooks Faces Widespread Boycott Of His Bar And Music After Making Controversial Statement

Perhaps the most well-known country singer today is Garth Brooks.

The musician has done something that has his followers questioning their devotion to him.

Read on to find out what Garth Brooks did to anger his listeners.

Many of Garth Brooks’s listeners are in surprise after hearing the singer’s recent declaration.

The singer’s current project is a collaboration with Bud Light. The beer will now be available at the singer’s Nashville bar.

The musician explained that he was selling “every brand of beer” because he wanted his pub to be a place where people could feel comfortable being themselves.

He even went as far as calling those who opt for alternatives to Bud Light as “an a**hole.”

Many listeners feel betrayed by the singer’s choice of words in this instance.

According to Michelle, who claims to have been a fan of the artist since the 1990s, she is disappointed in his most recent statements. As her tweet concluded, she wrote, “welcome to the boycott.”

As more of his followers expressed their displeasure, one person tweeted, “My trash bin is full…I threw out everything that had Garth Brooks’ name on it.”

Brooks attempted to justify his choice by saying he did so because he values diversity. “I love diversity. All included, so all are welcome,” he said.

In early April of this year, the debate around Bud Light first began.

Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender community leader, received a shipment of beer from a major brewery.

The influencer then shared videos of herself on social media portraying Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s while promoting the beers and the sweepstakes.

She also reveals in the video that the corporation sent her a special can with her likeness in honor of her 365th day as a woman.

Many people were offended by the beer company’s decision to work with a trans influencer and voiced their displeasure on social media.

In response to Anheuser-Busch’s (Budweiser’s parent business) decision to send a trans influencer some beer, country artist Travis Tritt claimed he would quit the firm from his tour.

Now Viral:

Even several months after the first controversy, people have strong opinions about Bud Light.

In light of everything that has transpired, what do you make of Garth Brook’s choice?

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