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Father’s Hilarious Reaction To His Partner Giving Birth Goes Viral

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Father’s Hilarious Reaction To His Partner Giving Birth Goes Viral

A woman’s experience during childbirth is unparalleled. It’s the roller coaster ride between euphoria and terror. What the mother is going through is unbearable.

The experience can be both heartwarming and emotionally taxing on the father.

Pictures shot during the birth of their third child by the parents who took them have gone viral.

The emotional ups and downs of a new baby’s arrival were beautifully depicted in the new dad’s expressions.

A Dad Welcomes the Third Child Into the World

The modern norm is for the father to be present during the birth of his child.

This wasn’t always the case, though, which is kind of funny.

Traditionally, men weren’t allowed in the delivery room with their pregnant wives. Instead of a doting new father, these moms had a team of midwives to lean on.

Image Credit: Amanda Facebook

They were very knowledgeable in the field of giving birth. It was considered rude for the father to be in the same room as his distraught wife, no matter how happy he was for her.

They would, instead, wait tensely in the hall. The midwife would then come out to announce that a baby boy or girl had been born healthy.

Men now are held to the same standards as they were centuries before.

They should do anything they can to make their wife feel at ease during childbirth, even if that means offering a hand for her to crush.

The third kid of two parents was born in Arkansas. Brett Sillis and his partner Amanda Renee’ have become Internet celebrities after posting birth photos to Instagram.

Brett, the new father, had some priceless emotions when he looked over to see his baby being born.

Amanda thought his disgusted expression funny rather than offensive.

She claimed she had been so preoccupied with the ordeal that the couple didn’t notice the images until they returned to their room.

Image Credit: Amanda Facebook

“We didn’t even look at them until I got back into the room, and I was like ‘I have to post these,’” she said.

The New Parents Have Arrived!

The new dad and mom are both doing great after giving birth.

It’s safe to infer that this is especially true with Brett based on the photographic evidence. After receiving the all-clear from the pediatrician, they brought their new daughter home.

Amanda’s discharge from the hospital brought her great joy.

Anyone who has spent any significant amount of time in a hospital probably feels like that time was an eternity.

Amanda expressed her joy at returning to her old stomping grounds.

She commented that “any time in the hospital feels like forever.” We couldn’t contain our joy when they finally let us go.

Image Credit: Amanda Facebook

Remarks Made On the Web

The new dad’s expressions got a lot of laughs from people all over the world.

Over 6,000 people have shared it, 7,000 have liked it, and 2,000 have commented, making it a viral sensation.

Image Credit: Amanda Facebook

People shared stories from their own lives, and several new dads even said they could relate.

In a similar vein, another dad said, “Dawg, this was me.” Another mother commented, “And this is exactly why when my husband wanted to ‘watch,’ I clamped my knees together and told him if he didn’t get up by my head, I wasn’t going to push!”

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Yet another respondent joked about how her husband never looked at her anywhere but in the face: “Lol! I feel all men make these faces. I just had our baby 6 weeks ago and my husband could only look at my face, my delivery was 15 minutes long and my doula had to tap him to look at the baby because he knew he’d pass out from all the “stuff” coming out. Congrats mama!!“

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