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Fairy Specimen’s DNA Does Not Match Any Living Organism Known To Science


Fairy Specimen’s DNA Does Not Match Any Living Organism Known To Science

Fairies are one of the most famous creatures that exist in works of fantasy and Western mythology. In modern times, their existence can be either be proven or debunked by science. However a strange fairy specimen was found years ago.

Several laboratory tests are conducted on the fairy corpse and the conclusion is shocking!

The specimen’s DNA does not match any living organism known to science. Currently, this specimen remains as the most definite proof that fairies exist.

The fairy specimen was featured in a documentary named Watchers X.

In the documentary, several researchers are shown performing DNA analysis to the said creature. They are aided by UFO researchers to investigate if the specimen matches other recorded extraterrestrial species.

The findings of the research scientist named Ricardo Rangel is the most groundbreaking one; He asserted and stood firm that the specimen is not just some elaborate hoax. It is authentic and they have never seen anything like this before says Dr Rangel and Dr. Shaw.

It took them years to finally conclude that it is indeed authentic and has been a subject of numerous retests to prove it’s authenticity.

Of course, findings like this would not be documented by mainstream scientific websites. Debunking websites may even fabricate their own investigations.

One thing is for sure, Dr. Rangel and Dr. Shaw stood firm on their years of research.

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