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Evil Sister Freaks Out At Brother’s ‘Demonic’ Cat, Bans Him From Seeing Her Kids Unless He Gets Rid Of It

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Evil Sister Freaks Out At Brother’s ‘Demonic’ Cat, Bans Him From Seeing Her Kids Unless He Gets Rid Of It

A wonderful way to demonstrate kindness and compassion is to adopt a pet who is in need of a permanent home.

Some individuals may be obsessed with finding the “ideal” rescue dog or cat, while others, like this Reddit member (OP, which means Original Poster), see past superficial problems and give unconditional love to animals in need.

Stargazer was an abused cat with no eyes, three legs, and black fur. The person who posted to the ‘Am I the A*****e’ forum for assistance recently encountered resistance from family members after saving the cat.

A heartwarming rescue story

OP mentioned on Reddit that he adopted a cat named Stargazer three years ago and wrote a touching account of his rescue experience. “She was abused and as a result has no eyes and only three legs. Nobody wanted to adopt her because of her deformities, and she’s also a black cat, so I did because she was going to be euthanized otherwise,” he shared.

Despite her troubled past, the OP was able to find Stargazer a loving home.

But unanticipated tension arose when his sister- and brother-in-law’s reaction to the cat made an appearance during their visit.

“My sister moved into my city this week, and her and her husband (both 43) needed someone to watch the kids since they were gonna have a grown-up celebrate party. I agreed,” he explained.

“Both my nieces are 11, so they’re not too little for me to handle, and I’d also be great enrichment for my cat since she loves children and women (I’m the only man she trusts). My nieces loved her, and while they first were a little scared, they thought she was cute after a while,” OP continued.

The turning moment came when Stargazer’s sister had an adverse reaction to seeing the cat at the door and referred to it as “demonic.”

The result was an ultimatum from the brother-in-law: remove the cat, or they would not return.

Obstacles encountered by the OP

The OP had a difficult problem on his hands: his family’s disapproval of his cat.

Labeling Stargazer as “demonic” was his sister’s excessive reaction; this incident highlights the destructive power of prejudice and the importance of empathy.

This incident further proves that not everyone can see past surface level perceptions.

Unfortunately, this bigotry does not stop with people; the critical response from OP’s sister demonstrates that.

What a terrible and insulting way to pass judgment on someone who is physically disabled and blind!

Taking care of animals in need

People looking to adopt a pet should contact their local shelter to learn more about the unique requirements of rescued animals.

Pet owners can better meet their animals’ needs if they have a firm grasp of their history and personality.

Litterboxes should be placed in peaceful areas, food and drink bowls should be provided, and pets should have access to toys and grooming items to keep them occupied and happy.

When it comes to cat-proofing their houses, owners should prioritize love, care, and attention above all else.

Pets in need may flourish in loving homes that put their health and happiness first, as Stargazer’s story demonstrates.

Readers’ reactions

Readers’ opinions of the article were mixed, although a majority expressed disappointment with the sister’s answer.

Anxieties over Stargazer’s well-being led some to advise OP to shield the cat from antagonistic relatives.

“OP, make sure you TAKE ALL PRECAUTIONS TO PROTECT YOUR KITTEN, because the next time they come, they may get rid of her as they consider her ‘demonic,’ and say that ‘accidents’ happen or ‘mysteriously’ your kitty ends up disappearing or getting lost, or being poisoned, etc,” warned one commenter.

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“You are better off with the cat close by and those particular humans at a distance”, another person said, emphasizing the significance of avoiding violent or abusive relatives. “Visit them or agree to see them in public places. Don’t even have the kids unsupervised around the kitty, since who knows what their parents are saying to them that might brainwash them into thinking they need to do something drastic.”

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