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Former Circus Elephants Separated For 22 Years – Cameras Catch Moment They Reunite For The 1st Time

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Former Circus Elephants Separated For 22 Years – Cameras Catch Moment They Reunite For The 1st Time

Some say animals don’t “really” have feelings, but I beg to disagree: this footage clearly shows the opposite. They might not express emotions the same, and some may have more than others, but “wild” animals have roles higher than just being in circus for the sake of human entertainment! They are to be left in the wild, untouched, and do what animals always did without the touch of human hand.

Just remember when a forest ranger in the Indian Foreign Service, Praveen Kaswan, posted a heartbreaking video of Indian elephants performing an “animal” funeral service for a baby elephant they lost.

This goes on to show that animals are capable of love and grief, just like human beings.

One such amazing moment that captured the heartwarming emotions of animals, or elephants in this particular case, was shown on PBS.

It’s about two circus elephants who’ve been shackled to perform in front of humans for so long.

They haven’t seen themselves for 22 years, and this touching footage shows the moment they reunited.

You can probably see why this video garnered worldwide attention all over again.


The footage was taken at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

It conveys the reunion of Shirley and Jenny, two elephants who haven’t seen each other for over 2 decades. It seems that humans have a higher probability of forgetting their friendship than these two beautiful “beasts.”

The crew that was responsible for this reunion got teary eyed when they saw the heartwarming moment these two reframed the same relationship they had decades ago.


As the gates opened, Shirley and Jenny jumped straight to reunion. They had no time to waste.

Watch the amazing footage in the video below:

All animals deserve a happy life on this earth!

Open safari, sure, but circuses are a big NO-NO.

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