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Dying Woman Says Final Goodbye To Her Parrot: The Bird’s Immediate Reaction Leaves Me In Tears

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Dying Woman Says Final Goodbye To Her Parrot: The Bird’s Immediate Reaction Leaves Me In Tears

It’s never easy to deal with the loss of a good friend. It makes no difference whether we are “prepared” for it or not.

Likewise, humans aren’t the only creatures who feel pain and loss. Sadness is an emotion that even animals may experience.

Do you know that parrots, for example, are among the most sensitive and perceptive animals? They feel profound sorrow after the passing of a loved one.

Recently, Sinbad the parrot lost his owner, whom he had lived with for the past quarter-century.

Sinbad had, like many pets, an exceptionally close relationship with his master.

Sinbad is usually an optimistic and cheerful bird, but as his mate lay dying, he seemed to grasp the gravity of the situation and keep relatively quiet.

This was interpreted as evidence of the birds’ deep emotional connection to their caretakers.

When a parrot loses a companion, it can feel the same kind of grief as a human would. Even birds can get treatment for depression.

The upcoming scene was captured by the daughter of a dying mother. She has decided to end her life, so Sinbad is invited in for one last conversation.

Sinbad expresses his devotion to his owner by constantly remaining at her side. And when he rests his head on her stomach, she tells him how much she adores him.

Anyone who can watch this video without crying has more emotional fortitude than I have.

It’s not easy to put into words the feelings we have for our pets. That’s why it’s nice to watch these videos and know that there are other people out there that feel the same way we do about their pets.

Anyone who has ever had a pet they cared deeply about will understand this woman and agree that this is one of the finest moments they have ever witnessed.

If you want to impress your closest friends and family, please SHARE this video with them. We wish Sinbad the best in the future and I hope that his owner will rest in peace.

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