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Everyone Fighting With Depression Should Her Doug Bloch Dark And Painful Journey To Healing


Everyone Fighting With Depression Should Her Doug Bloch Dark And Painful Journey To Healing

Mental health awareness is at an all-time high, as much as the actual diseases are in today’s world. And that is one of the biggest things to be thankful about.

Thanks to social media and the internet in general, people find kindred spirits much faster and in a more convenient way.

But there have been years before when this possibility was foreclosed and as a result many people found themselves in abysses of no return.

We are here to talk about one such pre-Facebook personality: Doug Bloch; we know him today as a depression survivor. He has since finding the light himself, and helped millions of others by inspiration alone, conducting sessions, talks and authoring books.

In 1996, his depression first got triggered, because of a particularly painful divorce and his books getting out of print, thanks to negligence on the part of his publisher, Bantam books.

He was not new to the struggle however, having battled depression, on and off, since the age of 18.

Doug too found a new drug in the market, but realised it did him harm because of his body’s allergic reaction to it. Instead of calming him, he ended up getting down into a further aggressive depression.

By aggressive depression, we mean a particularly potent form of anxiety that made him restless enough to make him bang his head against the wall just to “externalise the pain and anxiety he was feeling”. It was like all his nerves chose to go haywire at once and he even had someone inject five cups of espresso into his bloodstream, in the hope of feeling even a pinch better.

He describes the dual dilemma as a little voice in his head that kept obsessing over “madness or suicide”, calling it his choice.

So, how did he get out to tell his tale to the rest of the world?

Well, to quote him, he had two turning points in his life.

First, he met a woman, a victim of depression herself and recovering alcoholic who became his therapist. She made him take what she called the 24-hour plan. “Just stay safe for the rest of the day”, she said. He later wrote about it as a ‘survival plan for living in hell’.

Second, thanks to a brilliant idea from his church minister, a group of 12 people he knew came together and testified in front him saying simply, that they knew he would get better.

Fortunately, he did! Today, his books sell very well, and he does talks, motivational workshops and sessions all over the country.

And that is all one needs… a boost from the heart and a boost from the ones around them. And most importantly, belief; belief that things will eventually get better.

Thanks to Douglas for this amazing video:

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