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Dad Created the Ultimate Mother-In-Law Suite in His Garage, But Wait Till You See It Inside

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Dad Created the Ultimate Mother-In-Law Suite in His Garage, But Wait Till You See It Inside

Portland, home to many designers, builders, and locals passionate about the tiny house movement, has earned the title of unofficial tiny home capital of the United States.

Longtime resident Martin Brown had to make accommodations for his mother-in-law once his son was born since she desired to move closer. (video can be found at the foot of this article)

He moved her out, to their furnished former garage, rather than in. He had the detached flat turned into a one-person modest cottage.

Dad Created the Ultimate Mother-In-Law Suite in His Garage, But Wait Till You See It Inside

With granny nearby to watch the kids, the family can now easily get together anytime they want!

The 1920s building retained some of its original components and required a year to plan before construction began.

There was still tough concrete flooring to minimise the need for upkeep on the house.

The Browns purposefully chose not to put windows on the sides of the house in order to maintain their privacy.

Having windows in the walls would have made the home feel too open, given its proximity to both the main house and its neighbours.

Large glass double doors and skylights, on the other hand, provide an abundance of natural light and a sense of space.

A convertible sofa in the living area doubles as a place to sit and a place for guests to sleep. According to Martin, the sofa is arranged to offer a “vista view,” allowing the occupant to see outside and feel less enclosed.

The original garage, complete with its concrete countertop, was partially maintained in the ingeniously constructed circular kitchen.

The countertop has small fragments imbedded in its body that came from the garage. In addition to saving room, a shelf unit that holds dishes and kitchenware also has two burners.

Martin says there’s no need for extra storage because the dish rack can be used for both drying and storing dishes.

A narrow refrigerator tucks neatly into a nook, while a microwave and other basics are kept on open shelves beneath the counter.

There’s also a fascinating aperture in the kitchen ceiling that lets light stream in from the skylight above.

It gives the space a hint of a playful peek-a-boo effect because it’s also a part of the floor in the bedroom.

As Martin’s son explains, a set of alternate tread steps leads to the house’s loft space.

They are designed to be secure and space-efficient. Once upstairs, a wooden railing encloses a bed, wardrobe and reading nook.

The skylight is tucked away here, in the ceiling.

A compact contemporary bathroom with a walk-in shower and pedestal sink is located back downstairs.

A pocket door has been installed to save space and separate it from the rest of the living area because it is the size of a closet.

To give greater privacy from the street view, tall plants and planters are accentuated outside the cosy purple house.

The small cottage retains its independence yet feels cosy thanks to its own walkway.

A tiny bistro set for the patio offers even more charm.

Watch the video below:

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