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Dad Catches 12-Year-Old Son Yelling At Hardworking Mom For Not Doing His Laundry

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Dad Catches 12-Year-Old Son Yelling At Hardworking Mom For Not Doing His Laundry

When a father arrived home from work one day, he saw his 12-year-old kid screaming at his mother over the washing.

How difficult was it to clean his clothes? The child asked his mother.

Given how hard his wife had worked all day, the father was in complete shock and felt awful for her. She worked as a teacher and tried her hardest to make sure they had a comfortable life.

The father frequently attempted to handle the majority of the housekeeping. Considering how busy his wife was as a teacher, he didn’t want to add to her responsibilities.

When he heard his 12-year-old son screaming at his mother, he led the boy to the laundry room. In order to enable his son to do laundry on his own, he taught him how to sort clothes and use the machines.

What Did the Dad Do to His Son?

The worried father believed he needed to provide a valuable lesson in responsibility to his son in addition to making him do the washing.

He stayed at home to take care of the kids while his wife went on vacation to Mexico with her friends as spring break approached.

He delegated their cleaning to the 12-year-old as he worked from home. Along with making breakfast and lunch for him and his brother, he made the youngster do the laundry.

The boy found it hard to believe. He felt that his dad was being unjust by making him do housekeeping while the school was on break.

Then his father inquired as to whether he considered housework to be a full-time job. Yes, he replied. At that moment, the father helped him comprehend something:

“I pointed out that his mother and I both have full-time jobs and still manage to do everything that he is whining about.”

It appears that nothing occurred to him, even though there was an excellent opportunity to discipline the youngster.

The child complained about what he had to do to his dad’s mother, his grandmother, over the phone.

He requested permission from his grandma to spend spring break at her home.

The enraged grandma called her son and berated him for being unkind.

The man then posed a hypothetical question to his mother, asking what his parents would have done if he had screamed at her for not doing the laundry.

She made the implication that children now shouldn’t receive the same punishments because it was a different era.

But the father will not budge. He promised his mother that if she told his 12-year-old son about all the punishment he received while living with them, he would agree to let him stay with her for the holiday.

She informed the 12-year-old that he couldn’t stay with her during the break after learning that the penalties she had meted out to her son in the past were worse than those her granddaughter was subjected to.

Even though the father believed he had done nothing wrong, he couldn’t help but question whether or not his son’s punishment was appropriate.

When he asked online, he received reassurance that he had done nothing wrong.

The distressed father felt guilty for letting his son grow up to be so entitled and believed that his son’s outbursts at his mother were typical of a preteen.

“I believe you and your son need to address a deeper issue that you both have.” Additionally, you should make sure that your younger kid doesn’t pick up on misogynistic attitudes if your elder son has been exposed to them. One person remarked, “They both need to learn that women are partners, not maids, and that they need to pull their weight.”

“I do think that you should consider approaching this in a more educational manner than a punitive one, and to treat it as a genuine and earnest learning experience for your son rather than simply a punishment,” another suggested.

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Do you believe that the father was justified in punishing his son? In this case, how would you have handled things?

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