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Baby zebra saved from drowning by zookeepers moments after being born

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Baby zebra saved from drowning by zookeepers moments after being born

Just when you’re about to have your faith in humanity destroyed, videos like this one bellow are made to restore it! It’s about two zookeepers saving a baby zebra from drowning.

The zebra was just born, but as it walked the first trembling steps, it took a narrow slope down in the water.

This frightening but inspirational event took place at the Valencia Bioparc in the eastern Spanish region.

Local reports say that the zebra mother named La Nina (Spanish meaning ‘The Girl’) was being watched when her baby was born, but things took a bad turn when the umbilical cord was cut and the male baby zebra fell and got stuck in the water.

Like every mother when her baby is in trouble, La Nina was very stressed as her little boy started to drown, especially just a few moments after giving birth to her baby.

It all took very good turn when two heroic zookeepers jumped in the water to save the little baby zebra from drowning!

They both didn’t hesitate for a moment and jumped straight in the water to save the poor baby that was in agony.

The mother was very worried that her baby won’t make it, but when she saw the heroes as they jumped in the water, she was waiting for the moment to reunite with her baby boy.

As you can see in the video bellow, the zookeepers splashed water at the mother to let her know that she had to stay away while they were soaked wet rescuing her baby zebra.

Finally, when the zebra was back on surface, the two men jumped in the water to stay safe. The mother was reunited with her baby!

Faith in humanity has been restored today, thanks to these two heroes!

Watch this incredible video bellow:

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