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Artists Uses The Sun To Create Stunning Works Of Art

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Artists Uses The Sun To Create Stunning Works Of Art

Michael Papadakis AKA @Sunscribes is an International Performance Artist specializing in an unusual form of Storytelling. Papadakis is not an ordinary artist. He doesn’t paint in a studio. In fact, he doesn’t even use paint or brushes.

Dubbed Heliography, Michael uses and array or mirrors and lenses to focus the Suns powerful ray’s into art!

In 1816 Frenchman Nicephore Niepce made a crude wood camera fitted with a microscope lens.

He invented Heliography around 1826, which he used to make the earliest known permanent photograph from nature.

The process used bitumen, as a coating on glass or metal, which hardened in relation to exposure to light.

When the plate was washed with oil of lavender, only the hardened image area remained.

In modern terms, heliography means photography of the sun.

Michael uses a magnifying glass to create artwork!

Holding a wide range of magnifying glass types a few feet away from his wooden canvas, Michael focuses the sun’s rays on a small, focused point. Then he expertly burns his designs on the wood. He uses reflection and refraction to paint with the sun.

Luckily, Michael’s home town Golden, in Colorado, gets around 300 days of sun a year, so he had a lot of time to practice in the last 5 years.

Michael has showcased his skillset for a variety of clients & at live events throughout the US and Abroad.

Some recent clients include GoPro, The Balvenie, R.J. Reynolds and Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Take a look at this amazing video bellow:

The ❤️ Love of 🇺🇸 Power

Artwork & Video By: SunscribesMusic: "Trickle Down" By: Sidewalk Cellist

Posted by Sunscribes on Monday, August 7, 2017

Thanks to the Artwork & Video By: Sunscribes
Music: “Trickle Down” By: Sidewalk Cellist

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