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Arthur Boorman Is A Proof That We Should Never Ever Give Up


Arthur Boorman Is A Proof That We Should Never Ever Give Up

Life often throws situations in front of us that make us want to give up, to not try anymore, and sometimes, the person cannot be blamed because of just how grave the situation is – but that is not what Arthur Boorman did. His story is legendary!

Arthur Boorman, a veteran who fought in the Gulf war had been rendered disabled, owing to bad landings while para-trooping and a surgery that did not go as planned.

At 47 years old, he had been told that he would never walk on his own again, he would always need crutches. His world came crashing down on him- he had fought in wars and defended his country, but at that moment, he felt worthless. He fell into clinical depression and started gaining weight. Soon, he weighed 270 pounds and did not know what to do.

Thanks to his disability, exercise was out of the question for him. Many yoga instructors refused to help him- they said his situation could not be helped.

Dejected and very close to giving up, Arthur met Diamond Dallas Page, a yoga instructor who changed his life. Arthur was introduced to DDP Yoga, a form of yoga that Page had designed to help people exactly like Arthur, as Page himself had been injured once upon a time. DDP yoga is a unique mix of core exercises and cardio.

As Arthur embarked on his journey to fitness and health, changes were very apparent and they kept him motivated to do the best he possibly could.

He tried to stand up and walk on his own and even when he did not succeed immediately, he kept at it, never for once losing his focus.

Arthur lost a staggering 140 pounds in less than one year, and not only that- he had started to walk and run on his own again.

Arthur has said how just having faith in himself has changed his life.

There were always obstacles, life is never a bed of roses but there is one way to trump these obstacles: never giving up, just as Arthur did.

He always expresses his eternal gratefulness to his trainer, Page, and talks about how he was there for him when no one was, and how almost everyone said that he would have to spend the rest of his life as a cripple, depending on other people but Page came into his life and turned things around.

Arthur had become a deeply unhappy person, with barely any will to live in him. Life for him had just become a waiting period for his death.

He says that one night, he sat down and decided to fight all this morbidity and he vowed to be happy, to live his best life.

There is much to learn from Arthur and his story!

Let us all take some inspiration from his lion heart and never give up, no matter how hard things may become!

Thanks to DDP Yoga for this amazing video:

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