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They Told Me I Will Give Birth To A Child With Too Many Deformities, But My Husband Whispered “Let’s Keep Going” – 7 Years Later Here’s How She Looks

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They Told Me I Will Give Birth To A Child With Too Many Deformities, But My Husband Whispered “Let’s Keep Going” – 7 Years Later Here’s How She Looks

It was smooth pregnancy in the first 3 months, but everything changed when she was in the 4th month.

During the sonograph, the doctor noticed that something wasn’t right, but they didn’t want to get into details before they check up everything, so they send them in 3D sonograph, recalls Soleannys Carolina Lugo Estrada from Venezuela.

They soon found out that their child is going to be born with many deformities. Her baby will have deformity on her face, legs, hands, lips, scalp and brain. The only thing untouched will be her back and internal organs.

They discovered that their kid is going to be born with Amniotic Band Syndrome.

Amniotic band syndrome, also known as constriction ring syndrome, happens when fibrous bands of the amniotic sac (the lining inside the uterus that contains a fetus) get tangled around a developing fetus. In rare cases, the bands wrap around the fetus’ head or umbilical cord.

When they heard the bad news, they were extremely sad and both of them cried. But all of a sudden her husband whispered: “Let’s keep going. Do you want to?” She agreed immediately.

She announced the doctors that she wants to keep her baby girl, even if they were against it. They told her if the kid is born alive, she’s going to have a tough life and suffer a lot.

Still she was persistent and wanted to keep her.

After the dark prognosis, Helianny was born in the 39th week of pregnancy delivered with C section. She had 4 and a half kilograms on brith.

The first days were extremely hard. When Soleannys delivered she was in a bad state, and saw her baby girl after 24 hours. Meanwhile, doctors whispered that she’ll refuse to see her monstrous kid. She admits, her outlook was shocking. When she was born she had no eyes, nor eyebrows. She had swollen veins on her forehead that looked like they’ll pop every second. She had two nostrils, but they were both closed. She couldn’t breathe through them.

But her mother still says she had her own beauty.

Helianny is not just offended and called by names online, but in person too.

“They call her an alien and monster.” Her mother didn’t respond to trolls and offenders. She just replies that anything can happen to them in a blink of an eye and they could be in a position where they need external help to survive.

“Do you think you deserve to live then?” She asks them.

They usually stop. Then she gets back to her baby girl, her fighter.

Trough her Instagram profile she shows what it looks like to have “a will to live.”

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