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Alan Jackson Is Grieving Over His Mothers Passing — Writes A Touching Song

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Alan Jackson Is Grieving Over His Mothers Passing — Writes A Touching Song

Ruth Jackson, Alan’s mother, died at her home in Newnan, Georgia, at the ripe old age of 86. For Alan’s mother’s demise, he shared a statement on his social media platforms.

Alan and his brothers had a lovely memorial service for their mother Ruth on January 12th, 2017, just days after she passed away.

An article on Mama Ruth and her funeral was published in the Newnan Times-Herald. Alan and his siblings reflected on their mother’s influence on their lives by telling stories that brought her to life.

After his mother passed away, Alan wrote a song in her honor. After his father, Joseph Eugene, passed away 17 years ago, the singer wrote “Drive (For Daddy Gene),” a song that reflected the importance of both of his parents to him. Only hours before Mama Ruth’s funeral, he wrote a song that was the perfect tribute to all that she had meant to him and his family.

The Newnan Times-Herald reported on Alan’s public debut of “Where Her Heart Has Always Been” while it was being distributed to radio stations and online music streaming services. This song will be on his upcoming album, “Where Have You Gone?” His mother, Ruth, died away four years ago, and this makes me think of her. Alan’s sorrowful rendition follows a moving video clip of Mama Ruth reading from the Bible at the beginning of the song.

The echoing pain of his song on the day his mother died fills the room. With lyrics like “A sweet sound was calling low ‘It’s time to go,'” he vividly describes her serene transition into heaven. Similar picture is repeated by the chorus, echoing in Alan’s mind long after the song’s final note has faded, cementing his mother’s memory in that special place in his heart.

Although singing it at her burial was one of Alan’s most difficult performances, he believes that by sharing it with the world, others would be able to find solace in the song’s message of love and sorrow and move on with their lives.

Alan’s deep love and grief for his mother inspired the song’s touching melody, which conveys Alan’s genuine sadness. The lyrics convey his anguish at her absence and his hope for their eventual reunion. His genuine feelings are so palpable that anyone who has experienced something similar can identify with what he’s going through.

Lyrically, he recalls her as being with her true love and dancing carefree in the wind like an angel whose soul will never die. He still misses her and wishes he could be with her even though he knows she is in a better place now. It serves as a poignant reminder that life goes on even after we lose someone special to us, but that we will always remember them.

Alan’s mother was the inspiration for this mournful song, which captures the complex range of human reactions to loss and recollection. Many people will feel an intense pang of loss and longing while listening to this piece, and it will serve as a poignant reminder that our loved ones who have passed on are never truly gone from our minds or hearts; we will continue to honor and celebrate their lives and legacies until we reunite with them again beyond the stars.

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