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After 7 Months Of Marriage, Billy Ray Cyrus And Firerose Broke The News

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After 7 Months Of Marriage, Billy Ray Cyrus And Firerose Broke The News

Billy Ray Cyrus and his younger spouse Firerose’s marriage went viral on the internet. Seven months after saying “I do,” it appears that the pair is divorcing.

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Billy Ray Cyrus, a country music artist, has filed for divorce from Firerose, his wife of seven months. The 62-year-old filed for divorce from Firerose, whose true name is Johanna Rose Hodges, after the couple got married in October 2023.

Irreconcilable conflicts and unacceptable marital conduct are listed as the grounds for divorce in the court filings. In actuality, Cyrus is attempting to have the marriage dissolved due to fraud. As of right now, it’s unclear exactly what he means by “fraud.”

The pair no longer follows one another on Instagram, according to a report by

The divorce was set to finalize, and TMZ broke the story first.

The couple has already discussed how they got to know each other. They talked about how, before to starting to collaborate on songs during the COVID-19 pandemic, they had been friends for many years. They started dating in 2022, got engaged in 2023, and were married in October of that same year.

At the moment, they shared a combined social media post saying, “10/10/23 will always be the beautiful, joyous day that our two souls united as one in holy matrimony. It was the most perfect, ethereal celebration of love we could have ever imagined.”

Together, the duo has put out several songs, such as “New Day,” “Time,” “Plans,” and “After the Storm.” The song “After the Storm” struck a chord with the couple personally and they described it as an optimistic tune. Cyrus went so far as to call the song “powerful and timely.”

“Only by the grace of God did I survive my darkest nights,” Firerose stated at the time. “There is so much truth in these lyrics and it’s my purpose to help others find strength in their toughest hours.”

The duo even performed their song “Plans” together on Good Morning America in August 2023.

“We’re kind of like…” Regarding their past relationship, Cyrus pondered, “I’m a left-handed singer-songwriter from Flatwoods, Kentucky, and she’s a trained orchestral musician…”

“It has been a beautiful whirlwind and I’m just so grateful that I get to live my dreams every day with the love of my life,” Firerose said, echoing his sentiments.

Cyrus posted about his wife in February of this year, stating that she is the “beautiful love of my life,” in honor of her birthday.

In April of this year, Firerose commemorated their marriage anniversary as well by sharing a photo from the event with the message, “6 months ago I married this man. 🤍 Life isn’t always easy… but it sure helps when your husband’s also your best friend. Thank you Lord!”

Cyrus is not married for the first time. His 28-year marriage to Tish Cyrus was previously well-known. Along with his ex-wife, he is the father of five children: Miley, Noah, Brandi, and their sons, Trace and Braison.

Before he met Tish, Billy Ray was in a relationship with Kristen Luckey, with whom he had another older son, Christopher Cody.

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