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A Video Shows 9 Months Of Life In The Womb Within Minutes. This Is Breathtaking

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A Video Shows 9 Months Of Life In The Womb Within Minutes. This Is Breathtaking

Giving birth is truly a magical thing. We can even say it’s a miracle!

Why is your existence so unbelievable? Well, to begin with, it required the unbroken stretch of survival and reproduction of all your ancestors, reaching back 4 billion years to the single-celled organisms. It required your parents meeting and reproducing to create your singular set of genes (the odds of that alone are 1 in 400 quadrillion).

1 in 10^2,685,000.

Dying is nothing special – that reality is corroborated by math. The chances are 100% that we are all going to die. We can’t defy that.

But you being alive is nearly impossible. That probability is the same as if you handed out 2 million dice, each die with one trillion sides… then rolled those 2 million dice and had them all land on 439,505,270,846. It’s so unbelievable, mathematicians went nuts to create an equation!

On the other hand dying is totally ordinary. It’s so ordinary it’s assured. Dying is the most natural, completely average thing you can do.

In contrast, being alive is so stupendously unlikely it’s almost impossible. It’s supernatural. The odds are so breathtakingly close to zero they almost are zero.

If that’s not a call to live with an amazing vigour, positivity and gratitude I don’t know what is.

Live your life like the remarkable, incredible rareness that it is. Unique and one of a freaking kind!

Do it because you are the lucky stardust, a tiny fraction of scattered stones billions of years ago.

Lucky you.

Lucky me.

Lucky dust.

The whole process of giving birth is just straight out of a fairy tale! From the moment of conception to the actual moment when the baby sees the world is stunning!

How can one spent life vainly, when one goes through this miraculous process called birth?!

What you’re about to see is truly a miracle!

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