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A Kid Wandered Off And Sat On A Random Woman’s Lap. When Mum Found Out Why She Is Confused

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A Kid Wandered Off And Sat On A Random Woman’s Lap. When Mum Found Out Why She Is Confused

More than 150 years after the 13th Amendment abolished slavery in the US most U.S. adults claim the legacy of slavery continues to have an impact on black people in American society today.

Four out of 10 people say the country didn’t made enough progress on racial equality, and there’s skepticism, mostly among blacks, that black people will never have equal rights with whites, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

But we don’t see racial inequality among young kids that often. Kids have a natural way of creating long lasting friendships, despite the color of the skin. There’s one viral video of two toddler besties sharing a hug on a sidewalk.

This gives us an insight that kids are taught racial equality/inequality. It’s passed on to the young. Otherwise, there would be no difference, because well, it doesn’t make a sense to have a difference. We are all same species.

Now, a picture sharing these views is going viral for all the right reasons.

The mother of the kid wrote an inspirational post about it, and it makes so much sense:

“I don’t know who this lady is but if you know her tell her she’s awesome. Isaiah walked up to this lady at our last home game two weeks ago. He sat on her lap and they were talking like they knew each other. It lasted no more than 20 mins. However, she left right after halftime to meet up with her little girl.

Fast forward to tonight…not long after we sat down at the game Isaiah spotted her. She waved at him and he made his way up to her. I thought their interaction would be the same as last time but I was wrong. Isaiah walked right up to her smiling, crawled in her lap and laid his head down on her shoulder. She welcomed him with open arms. This lady patted and rocked Isaiah to sleep like she had given birth to him. It was the sweetest!!

We asked her if she wanted us to get him but she kept telling us she (and he) was fine!! Isaiah and this lady has NEVER met before other than those 20 mins at a game 2 weeks ago. I told her tonight that I am so sorry and I don’t know why he keeps bothering her. She replied he’s no bother and to not say that again. She said he was her new friend. She then went on to say she only has one child who is 15 and moments like this are priceless!!!

With all of the racial tension that’s going on I’m glad to see the pictures like these because it goes to show color don’t matter to a lot of people. It really don’t!! Arguing over stuff as such makes us miss the simple pleasures in life. I hate I didn’t get her name but I will next game because I’m sure Isaiah will make his way back to her. I love her and don’t know her!

Update: We found out who she is. Her name is Mrs. Angela. She’s such a sweet lady y’all! It’s awesome how God connects people together for whatever reason!!

This is her post after finding out I posted this picture for her:

“To God be all praise, glory, and honor! I have been overwhelmed with emotions today as I have read the post Star Balloon-Bradley shared. I am humbled by the kind words every one has spoken. Isaiah is absolutely adorable! I pray people will Jesus in all this & know His love is beyond measure & that is how I want to love & life my life. I’m not worthy but He sure is!” -Angela

Thanks to this amazing post for Star Balloon-Bradley

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