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A Heartbreaking Photo Shows A Dog Lays Down In A Fresh Burial Plot. The Reason Had Me In Tears

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A Heartbreaking Photo Shows A Dog Lays Down In A Fresh Burial Plot. The Reason Had Me In Tears

To those who never had a dog: believe me, they have the same exact soul like you and me. They just have a different flesh. I remember when both of my dogs passed away, I could feel their soul leaving the body. It was a devastating moment for the whole family…

Recently a shocking tragedy left one young man dead, but his dog laid beside him at all times.

Usually called Will, James William Warner, 22 year-old from Shelbyville, Tennessee, was found dead, according to WKRN. Detectives reported that he was shot and killed.

Warner’s girlfriend was also shot, but luckily she survived with critical wounds.

It was a shock for the family: “It’s like I had an out-of-body experience. I just collapsed,” his mother Christy West Warner told the Tennessean. “My whole world was broken into a million pieces.”

“Every second I stayed with Will was a joy,” she said. “He was just larger than life. He was just a good boy. He was so personable.”

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department identified a suspect in the murder: 25-year-old Samuel Earl Rich. He is accused of shooting Perryman in the head and stealing a jeep belonging to her boyfriend Will Warner. Warner was later found dead in Nashville bay Metro water crews. The trial for his connection to Warner will happen in April 2023.

As authorities investigate, a family was left without a child. As devastating as it sounds, they had to bury their child in a rush.

“I didn’t even get to pick the casket out. It was so immediate,” Christy told the Tennessean. “We’ve been robbed of everything. Every last ounce of closure or peace that we could possibly get from saying goodbye, we didn’t get to do.”

Will was buried at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery. His loved ones were around him in that sad moment, but one of the most heartbreaking moments came from his favorite furry champ, Ace.

Will’s dog, Ace, laid down on the fresh burial plot to be as close as he can get to him.

Facebook/WKRN Julia Palazzo

Will’s obituary was greatly mourned by his dog, a faithful friend and loyal companion. It’s clear that hey had true love and this dog will always have a part of him gone…

In the difficult times for the family, this heartbreaking photo is bittersweet reminder of how much he was loved.

“(He) loved life and loved people,” Will’s uncle, Tennessee state Rep. Todd Warner, told the Tennessean. “It’s just a tragic ending to something that should’ve never happened.”

RIP Will! You were loved by everyone around you, especially your dog Ace.

This is a clear proof of how much pets love us: all they want to have is a home, and they will be faithful till death do you apart.

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