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A Beauty Vlogger Washed Her Hair With Coca-Cola. The Results Are Absolutely Shocking

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A Beauty Vlogger Washed Her Hair With Coca-Cola. The Results Are Absolutely Shocking

Do you dream of having that Loreal commercial glow? Well, you are not alone, and people all over the world have been turning stones to find a solution. As strange as it sounds, a beauty vlogger used soda on her hair instead of the expensive shampoos we buy, and it did wonders. What’s great about this, you just might have the ingredients in your fridge!

Washing your hair with coca-cola might make the difference you seek. We’re not sure you’ll want to drink it after reading this…


There are many uses for cola. One example is that you can clean your toilet, get rid of blood and grease stains in fabric, remove tarnish from old pennies, loosen stuck screws and bolts, lean the grime off of eyewear, clean burnt pans and many many more. Apparently, the worldwide famous beverage is so chemical that it can clean things. Who knew?! You can also use it to remove chewing gum from your hair. Fill a bowl with coke and put the piece of hair with the chewing gum in it. Let this sit for a while and you’ll see how easy it is to remove the gum.

Wash your hair

It’s hard to tell if this trick actually works or not, but it’s definitely worth a try. The coca-cola is said to cause your hair to be less limp and create a bit more “messy” hair. The high acidity level of cola causes the hair scales to close and contract. This in turn makes your hair shine. Beauty vlogger Ellko gave the trick a try and is shocked with the results. All you need is two small bottles of coke and water to rinse it out again!

I would advise you to contact healthcare professional before you try this, but what the hell, I will try it myself at home.

Watch the video below:

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