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9 Things Positive People Do To Deal With Negative Person


9 Things Positive People Do To Deal With Negative Person

Negativity is like a leech; it sucks out every happy or euphoric emotion from the body, and leaves a dry husk in its wake. Similarly, negative individuals are the same. They destroy everything and everyone in their path, just because they get pleasure out of it.

The parasite in them thrives in a symbiotic relationship. The individual supplies the darkness to the parasite, and it in return, protects the individual from dying inside.

But, what happens when the negative person comes across a positive person? What should one do then? How to protect themselves?

Let’s see:

1. Grow a Thick Skin

Don’t take everything they say to heart. Learn to deal with negative words and actions. Grow a tougher exoskeleton, and withstand the onslaught of harsh words. Be Iron Man, if required. Don’t let them get to you, or at least don’t let them get to you that easy.

2. Trying to Reason With Their Behavior

Do not try to justify their behavior, or the words they speak, for it leads to nowhere. They would hurt you over and over again, for it gives them the sadistic pleasure needed to live, but you would be giving them a victory if you kept on mollycoddling, and cajoling them into thinking that they are correct. Don’t reason with a fool like this, just let them be and choose to ignore them!

3. Be Harsh

You might be the biggest pacifier the world has ever seen. Heck, you could be Buddha, but you need to raise your voice once and let them feel the steel in it. A negative person could keep on demoralizing you if it suited them, but you need to assert the age old verse, “Who’s the boss?” Show them how it’s done!

4. Compassion is the Key

In contrast to the above points, conflict avoidance also brings in human sentiments to the mix. Just screaming your heads off in the middle of the road isn’t going to settle anything, for at times, you really need to be in touch with your human sentiments. Compassion, kindness, would go a long way towards making someone understand the fault in their actions.

5. 32 All Out

Bring it on! Light up the world with that dazzling smile. 9 out of 10 dentists recommend that you need to smile all the time. Well, not a Cheshire grin per se, but a nice, warm smile towards someone harming you might look stupid, but would catapult you to a moral position over them.

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6. “Let There Be Light”

As God said, “Let there be light”, similarly, you need to project an aura of lightness around you. This would discourage negative people from encroaching upon you, for you would be someone, “untouchable”. Not the kind Ambedkar was fighting for, but the kind darkness and depression can’t touch.

7. Be a Man

Ignoring the misogyny and patriarchy in the statement, it also implies maturity. When dealing with a particularly repulsive situation, you need to keep your cool, and deal with composure. If someone is behaving below their age, and IQ, the best thing to do would be to manage it like an adult. “If a dog barks at you, would you bark back?”
Be the bigger person and the one that is more mature. Don’t get on their level, for it will lead nowhere, plus they will get exactly what they wanted. Be better than them, exactly as you are!

8. Cutting off

Sometimes separation is the key. You need to sever bonds with people who are damaging to your well-being. Yes, it could be very well possible, that such people are integral to your existence, but you need to keep in mind, that such people would jeopardize that very existence. Your well being and your happiness should never be compromised upon.

9. Don’t Be a Hypocrite

This means that you are to not presume or judge someone without knowing what could make them do something, or be someone. If you are quick to get angry with what someone could tell you, make sure, you do not do the same. Otherwise, you would lose your right to interrogate.

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