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8 Things People Don’t Realize They’re Doing Because They Are Spiritually Awake


8 Things People Don’t Realize They’re Doing Because They Are Spiritually Awake

A spiritual awakening is a lot like a nerd being in a library. He is going through a lot of emotions. He is happy to have so many books around him that could gain him a lot of knowledge but, at the same time, is very confused as to which book he should read. He finds it very difficult to choose the right book for him.

If you are the person who is spiritually awake, then given below is the list of things that you might say or do without being aware of it:

1. You don’t believe everything that you hear or read

If you are a person who is spiritually awakened, then you would not easily believe the things that you read or hear from other people. First, you would check whether the source is reliable or not, and then do some background check on your own. After hours of research, if you find the results to your satisfaction, then you would believe it. They are very introspective in nature. They would not only question the environment but also their own choices. These people are also in the habit of over-thinking and over-analyzing stuff.

2. You don’t follow the mainstream

You are one of those people who make their own rules. You don’t do something just because the majority of the people are doing so. You like to be your own boss. The same boring nine to five job is not your cup of tea. You don’t like to take orders from anyone or even do anything for someone, unless they request you to do so. Self-employment is your forte. You are the most important person to yourself. You maintain a healthy diet and keep your body fit. You also take part in “spiritual” activities to keep your mind and body at peace.

3. Spiritual people want to save the world

You wake up every morning thinking of things that you can do to make the world a better place to live in. There is a lot of violence in our world. The new factories and chemical plants release toxic waste in our environment causing water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution etc. People say you are a dreamer for trying to change the world. You refuse to believe that the living conditions can’t change. You neglect other peoples’ views and keep on helping others, thinking that one day the world is going to get better.

4. You really like alone time

You are the kind of person who would rather sit in a park and read a book in peace rather than go out with a group of people for lunch or dinner. You like it when you are alone and not disturbed by other people’s thoughts. You are the kind of person who would enjoy the silence of your own company.

5. Spiritually awake people remain open to new ideas

If you want to change the world, help other people, not follow the mainstream. You must have an open mind and a modern outlook. You should always welcome new ideas and judge it as soon as you hear it. You must analyze the whole situation and then give your opinion about the thing.

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6. You always give people advice

You are a person of sound mind. You are very helpful in nature. You always find yourself going out of the way to help or to give advice to other people. You are easy to approach and very kind. You are the right person that people can come up to for sharing their problems and for some words of wisdom.

7. You tend to dislike authority

You might not realize this but you are the kind of person who questions authority. You want to make sure that the person passing on the message is of sound mind.

8. You find deeper meanings in everything

Small talks aren’t really your thing. You would never be interested in the ideas and thoughts which are never executed. You plan to change the world and make it a better place. If you don’t start acting, then your dreams will never come true. You analyze situations, check the reliability of the source, look for alternatives and then execute the plan. For you, everything has a greater significance if you can delve deeper.

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