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8 Things That Happen When You Meet A Nice Guy After A Narcissistic Relationship


8 Things That Happen When You Meet A Nice Guy After A Narcissistic Relationship

It is terrible to be in a relationship with a narcissistic guy. Things always end badly. No matter how much effort goes into the relationship, it just doesn’t work out. He’ll still love himself more!

Many people strangely stay in a narcissistic relationship for way too long because of a false sense of security or fearing the pain of being alone. But be careful, because staying in a relationship like that might ruin your chances with better men in the future.

You should always trust that sooner or later, a better guy will come into your life. It might not be easy to give in at first, but trust that better options are always out there. A narcissistic partner can be very harmful to your own self, without you noticing that at first.

However, there are some things you can expect from a really nice guy, after your unfortunate ordeal with the ex.

1. Your narcissistic boyfriend probably always doubted you and made you feel bad about yourself. However, this new man will always cheer you on as he believes in you and this will help you face life head on. You are capable of so many amazing things and you are more than what your ex made you believe that you are. The new guy in your life will help you realize just that.

2. The new man will help you release the stress and pressure of the past relationship and heal the wounds left behind. You used to be blamed for everything in your previous relationship, but now the new guy will show that you can trust him with all your heart and that you won’t be disappointed.

3. Initially, you might feel weird to see this new guy do so much for you, since you have never been treated like you truly deserve to be. He will go to any length to make you happy and show you how much you mean to him. Every little action of his will fill you with warmth and love for this beautiful man who truly cherishes you, unlike the rotten ex.

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4. In the previous relationship, you were always silenced as the narcissistic ex’s opinions only seemed to matter in the relationship. However, this new guy will encourage you to speak your mind and will pay attention to your thoughts. He will show you that your feelings matter and that you don’t have to hold anything in anymore.

5. Every relationship has fights and so will this new one. However, this time the blame won’t always be on you like it had been in the past. If your boyfriend is wrong, he’ll own up to it and apologize. He knows how a healthy relationship works.

6. In the previous relationship, you had devoted your everything to a man who failed to reciprocate and acknowledge your efforts. It didn’t mean much to him. The narcissistic ex did not care about your emotions. He took you for granted throughout the relationship and expected you to treat him well no matter what. However, in this relationship, you’ll be showered with love and adoration. There will be mutual respect and understanding that will help both of you grow.

7. Your narcissistic ex was extremely manipulative and in the entire relationship you had to move cautiously lest you step on a hidden mine. However, this relationship has comfort, security and independence that will make you comfortable enough to speak your mind and also share opinions in order to develop and flourish. You deal with each other with patience and fondness and no matter what, you act like mature adults who know how much they mean to each other.

8. The past relationship was so traumatic that it had made you lose faith in love. You practically detested the idea of it. However, this new man has helped you heal and made you see the beauty and joy of love and a healthy, uplifting relationship. You will slowly learn to trust each other and help each other develop into better human beings. No longer would you have to put in all the effort to make it work. This time, both of you will participate equally to make the relationship evolve into something even more glorious.

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