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8 Reasons Why Good-Hearted People Turn Into Monsters


8 Reasons Why Good-Hearted People Turn Into Monsters

There are times when you’ll meet this wonderful person, only to watch them completely transform into something monstrous.

It doesn’t mean that they’ve become evil, only that they have some issues to resolve. No matter how good they are, at the end of the day, they’re only human. Keep reading to find out more about how that change can occur.

We present you with these 8 situations, which can cause even the most amazing person to crack:

1. When they give and they give without getting anything in return

Some people have a tendency to be extremely generous without asking for any kind of compensation from those they give to. Good people love, and don’t mind, helping others with anything they might need and not asking for anything back. And kind people appreciate that. But there are times when they’ll do a lot for a person who won’t even give them the appreciation they deserve.

This usually ends in disappointment which might make them take a different path. It might make them never want to lend a helping hand, not even if someone close asks them to.

2. Lack of solitude

All of us want some time to ourselves, but some people are just too nice to say ‘no’ even when they’re too tired to do things for themselves.

They tend to stress out more and more as their chances of finding peace and solitude decrease. Without those, they are unable to rest and rejuvenate.

Everyone needs some alone time every now and then in order to recharge ourselves and relax.

3. Letting resentment build up

Resenting another person and letting that resentment fester deep inside can mess up any person.

Even the best of people tend to not let go of the memory of past hurts and wait for revenge. They keep holding on even when they can’t even remember what started all this anger. Resentment and holding grudges can really make any person become bitter and unhappy.

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4. Trying to be stoic at all times

Keeping in your feelings and pretending to be stoic no matter what affects a lot of people these days. It’s important to allow yourself to feel and to acknowledge those feelings, whether they are positive or negative.

Only when we do this can we expect to get past the issues which evoke those feelings. Don’t try to keep them to yourself.

Bottling your feelings is never a good think and it can make you explode one day, which is not good for you or anyone around you.

5. Allowing other to provoke them

A nice person will sometimes allow others to keep annoying them until they finally reach a point where it’s impossible for them to tolerate it anymore.

It’s important for them to remember that they do not owe other people anything that is detrimental to their own life. They need to stay calm and go with the flow.

6. Thinking that they are stagnant

Sometimes, even the best of people think that they’ve stagnated and can’t move any further in whatever they wish to do.

They feel like there is no escape and that everything they’ve done so far is meaningless.

This sense of helplessness can crack even the toughest individual.

7. Bullies

We meet bullies not just in schoolyards and playgrounds but also at the workplace and pretty much everywhere we go. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you’re from.

But walk tall even when someone is bullying you and see what you can do to change them.

8. Rage

When we fly into a rage, we make mistakes we never would have made if we’d been thinking calmly. Even the nicest person has a breaking point and anyone can be short tempered. The things we do in the heat of the moment can have serious consequences later on.

In the end, we just need to be cautious when it comes to accepting new people into our lives and put our own well being first. We have to hold on to our best aspects and turn away from all the things mentioned which can break us even if we don’t intend for them to. All of us have the potential to change the world if we only believed in ourselves.

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