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8 Clear Signs You Are An Earth Angel With A Bigger Life Purpose And Don’t Know It


8 Clear Signs You Are An Earth Angel With A Bigger Life Purpose And Don’t Know It

We’re all humans. But there are always some diamonds in the rough. Some of us might just be more than human beings. There are a few special beings who walk this planet. Who knows, maybe you’re an Earth Angel?

Who are they, you ask? The extraordinary souls which bring hope, inspire people, give indomitable support in times of need and help in healing, can be identified as Earth Angels. They enter our lives when we’re in dire need of them. They show us the correct path and give us the positivity and motivation to move forward.

Maybe you’ve even heard of them under other names like spiritual guides, light workers or healer. These souls belong to a different dimension. They are truly passionate and caring, they give their love to everyone with all their heart.

Below are signs of identifying one so:

1. Are you empathetic?

An empath is someone who can truly feel the emotions people around them are feeling. They are in sync with the energies and vibrations emitted by the people, so much that it results in the empaths experiencing the same and even getting affected by it. Earth angels are very much like this.

2. Are you called to be an old soul?

If you show wisdom and maturity beyond your age, then don’t deny it. You are an old soul and you might just be an Earth Angel.

3. Do you find yourself craving solitude?

A long period without some alone time can make you feel drained emotionally and mentally! Solitude is your solace; when you can understand your own feelings, and find peace within yourself. The time that you spend alone helps revive your energy and prepares you for the future.

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4. Does a certain life purpose call to you?

Materialistic needs and wants do not matter to you. You are instead looking for a career which is fulfilling, spiritually and mentally. Many of the Earth angels feel a great desire to help and heal their fellow beings and often become doctors, teachers, nurses, firefighters, therapists, social workers, and it goes on.

5. Are you over-sensitive?

More often than not, you are overwhelmed by all the pain and problems you see in this world. You can feel the pain of others very deeply. This gives rise to your anxious feelings.

6. Do people seek your advice often?

People come to you with their problems as they know they would find listener and helper in you. Your healing abilities make your words soothing and caring, which helps people solve their problems. Even strangers strike up a conversation with you because they realize that you’re a person who is sensible and wise enough to give great advice.

7. Do you strongly dislike violence or hardship?

Being a soft and helpful person yourself, you just can’t stand the violent acts that people indulge in. It pains your heart to see so much of hardship in this world among various creatures.

8. Do you daydream a lot and have vivid dreams too?

Your dreams are very detailed, lively and intense. You also often find yourself daydreaming about magical lands and creatures, as well as weird-looking objects.

Did you relate to many or most of these signs? Well, guess what, you might just be an extraordinary soul, an Earth Angel!

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