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7 Ways The Girl With The Big Heart But Sarcastic Mind Loves Differently


7 Ways The Girl With The Big Heart But Sarcastic Mind Loves Differently

Have you always met only two types of girls? Ones with big hearts who are sappy and sweet. And ones who are sarcastic and come across as bitter and insensitive? Have you ever wondered that you could find someone who is both? One who is sweet and sarcastic at the same time? Two opposite qualities in the same person? It is definitely rare and odd but not impossible.

Such a girl is a deviation from the rule. If you are with one in a relationship, you would know that she is different from most of the girls. She loves differently than most of them. One can cite 7 various ways to explicate the difference.

1. She is bold and straightforward. She does not compromise with her words. She thinks what she speaks. She speaks her mind. In that way, she is honest among her friends and she would be with her boyfriend as well. She does not filter her raw words and ends up being blunt or crass. While most people thinks her to be rude, she doesn’t care for it. Whatever negative we might think about others, she’d rather prefer speaking it.

2. However she is gentle in the way she acts. Only because she is coarse with her words, does not mean she is the same way with her actions. She may not be as direct with her actions as she is with her words. Similarly, we should not assume that she always likes it rough in the bed. Her gentle heart might demand some gentle action in bed.

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3. She is indifferent or aloof. This attitude might make you feel that she is not into you. But it is actually a façade that she maintains. She is averse to display emotions in public, but she is quite romantic inside.

4. She is a secret romantic. Girls with big hearts do not do anything half-heartedly. If they love you, they would invest whole heartedly. They work in the extremes. They would either love you in entirety or not love you at all.

5. She puts up a front but lets it down easily. Big hearted girls are sensitive. They are empathetic in nature and be a good listener. A girl who is sarcastic in nature just hides this soft side way too well. But if you can take care of her heart, she would open up to you too.

6. She is a badass as well as sensitive. You should not be deceived with her rough attitude and raw sense of humor. Deep down inside she is as delicate as anybody else. She too appreciates little romantic gestures like bringing her flowers and giving her a kiss on the forehead. However, you should not be discouraged if she makes fun of you for being ‘cheesy’.

7. If she is not sure about you, she would not waste time on you. A clever girl like this one, would avoid wasting her time in dating someone who she is not sure about.

If you have already come across someone like this, do not let her go. She bears such a personality combination and you should treasure her.

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