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7 Things Everyone With A Big Heart But A Dark Soul Understands


7 Things Everyone With A Big Heart But A Dark Soul Understands

Few things will happen in your life that will change you to your core. Sometimes it will be difficult to recognise yourself in the mirror when you compare to your past self.

Keeping faith in the people around you can be really difficult sometimes but that necessarily doesn’t mean you have lost the big heart you were blessed or cursed with (depending on the type of person you are – the glass half-empty or the glass half-full type). This list might give you a bit of perspective, about yourself and the others around you.

1. You care about others more than yourself

No-brainer to begin with; you are a generous person who despite being disappointed again and again by people around you, have continued being generous and caring.

For you, the deepest pleasure is watching the ones you love happy and not just revelling in the sun by yourself.

2. You are incredibly protective of your friends, family and significant others

Continuing from the previous point, since you know what it is to be disappointed and saddened by setbacks, you will never want your family, friends or significant others to go through the same thing.

“[…] to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee” is what you say to anyone who attempts to “poison and destroy your brothers” and “they will know that you are the […] when you lay your vengeance upon them.”

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3. People mistake your kindness for your weakness

These people are the worst you can meet.

The fact that someone can be generous and good-natured is hard for them to comprehend, because they can never be the same.

The only way to tackle people like this is simple: be Attila the Hun to their Rome; destroy them and their ego, in public if you can and make an example of them, so that their kind stays away from you and your posse.

4. You can empathise with a particular kind of people while still have the ability to laugh at others

Now this has me written all over it.

Ever walked down a road and seen homeless people and felt choked up and guilty? Ever felt like chucking the cup of latte in your hand into the trash-can because of the sight?

Ever cancelled plans to eat out just because you saw someone begging for food on the way?

And on the flipside…

Ever listened with a poker face to that friend who cries when their allowance is reduced from $500 to $400 per week? (Yes, I know someone like that)

Ever laughed your guts out reading the dramatic meltdowns of that one dumb girl about the lighting ruining her selfie (which got like a million heart reacts anyway)?

Then you know just what I mean.

5. You are self-critical

Sometimes, just sometimes, before you sleep, your heart tells you that you indeed are disappointed in the person you have become thanks to all the bad people around you.

You are reflective and self-critical and want to go back to that childhood naiveté but you know it’s too late.

Or maybe not.

6. You still assume people are decent till they take it upon themselves to prove otherwise

You are a pro at getting disappointed but you don’t learn do you?

And you probably never will.

At least don’t blame yourself for their faults is all. Never think you deserved it.

7. And lastly, you still forgive people who were total fleabags to you hoping they have changed

Yes. And Jesus is proud.

But are you?

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