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6 Warning Signals You Destroy Your Intellect on a Daily Basis


6 Warning Signals You Destroy Your Intellect on a Daily Basis

The word Intelligence is explained as the capability to apply knowledge to manipulate one’s surroundings and to think in an abstract manner.

Intelligence is the quality that makes a person capable of facing everyday problems and combating with various hurdles along the way, to be successful in numerous scenarios.

One’s mental health and well-being must be of utmost importance because it is the main source of keeping us healthy. Mental health and physical health are closely related.

There are various applications available that help improve one’s mental function, such as Cognifit, Brain Fitness, Positive Activity, Jackpot and Eidetic. These help a person to concentrate on the betterment of health and helps in training one’s mind to be sharp, even in leisure.

Researchers always try to find new solutions to create a better environment for people to improve their skills. Students are also given various questions to practice their qualities and do better at solving tricky problems.

It is essential to improve our mental abilities by training our brain with the help of various tasks and applications but it is also very important to notice the small things in daily life that might be restricting our progress. We need to keep some things in check during our daily activities in order to maintain a perfect mind and body.

These are the 6 daily habits that might be killing your intelligence.

1. Depending on the Internet

Before the invention of ‘internet’, one had to research, read and thoroughly know about particular information before proceeding to an explanation. Nowadays, due to the availability of the Internet, we get our answers in the blink of an eye that cut off our interest in researching about a topic and knowing in depth about the current affairs thus making us susceptible to laziness.

2. Unbalanced sleeping patterns

Just like electronic devices, humans also need to charge themselves. Getting a good night sleep is that charger. Due to the onset of social media, people are addicted to their mobile devices that hinder their sleep. Having a proper sleeping pattern is essential for a sharp mind. The loss of sleep due to distractions could lead to loss of mental health and general growth. It deteriorates our qualities and overall well-being.

3. Juggling tasks

In this era of technology, all of us have become multi-taskers. We tend to do various jobs simultaneously. This destroys our level of concentration that leads to a loss of brain capacity. We lose the ability to focus on one task at a time.

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4. Forced interactions

Introverts are misunderstood to be lonely or upset but the truth is, they are one of the most intelligent people. Less amount of unnecessary interaction helps in retaining concentration and the overall health of the mind. Speaking lesser might help in maintaining tranquility that in turn helps in the functioning of intellect. You must not force yourself to speak just for the sake of conversation.

5. Alcohol consumption

Social interactions mean the presence of some kind of alcohol, whether it is mild or strong. Consumption of alcohol not only affects physical health but also mental stability. It is harmful for the body as it weakens brain capacity and leads to long term sickness. It causes memory loss and slow reflexes.

6. Malnutrition

Just like vehicles, we also need nutrients for staying active. The brain needs the most amount of proper nutrition to function properly. Adequate amount of nourishment from a balanced diet is extremely important in maintaining brain activity. If there is a lack of proper food consumption, it leads to numerous problems in the body and mind. Level of intelligence and problem solving ability gets reduced.

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