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5 Signs you have Strong Personality and Won’t Take S#it From Anyone


5 Signs you have Strong Personality and Won’t Take S#it From Anyone

Not many people today are self confident enough to stand their ground. Many don’t because they fear people will label them as too brash.

But when you know that you are not in the wrong, why would you let anyone else tell you otherwise?

Those who have strong enough personalities to not let others run over them are rare indeed. And here are the signs which tell if you are one or not:

1. They are not interested in small talk

People with strong personalities have very definite opinions. They don’t want to bother spending time on things which are not to their liking. They rather prefer conversations which are enriching, because they are ultimately knowledge seekers. It can be difficult trying to get them to gossip. But if you want to share your knowledge or passion about something that you really care about, you’ll find them more than eager to hear what you have to say.

Small talk, talking or gossiping others and simply having shallow conversations is something they are never interested in, and if someone starts a conversation like that with them, they are very likely to never speak to that same person again and to dislike them.

2. They despise stupid people

They cannot hold their calm when they are met with stupidity and ignorance. This is not them being rude or obnoxious, they just have the strength and the conviction to call out people on their ignorance while most just laugh inwardly and move on. If they see any scope, they’d try to enlighten the person or make them aware of a better way. But they won’t have a lot of patience while dealing with ignorance. Once their fuse breaks down, they will spend no time on that person. They’d rather spend their time with people and experiences which are enriching, rather than such as these which are mentally draining. Stupidity and shallowness in people is something that they stay away from!

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3. With them, excuses aren’t accepted at all

They hold themselves as well as others to very high expectations. They would never waver on their word and so expect others to be true to theirs as well. Something like being late for a meeting might be nothing for you, but don’t expect them to entertain or pardon such a behavior easily. They don’t like giving or taking excuses. They are pretty much stubborn on this point. They want to surround themselves with people who respect others’ time and energy. They believe that if someone, or they, have done something, simply own up to it and apologize. Excuses and long explanations on why something went wrong or didn’t happen is simply a waste of time to them. Apologize and move on!

4. They don’t care about the public opinion

They couldn’t care less how many likes their recent photo has got on FB. They don’t worry about what others think about them. They are happy in their own world and will only do things that they care about. They know that the opinion of those who matter can be sought personally. And they don’t really understand what all the fear of missing out is about.

5. They don’t wait for opportunities

They don’t sit around hoping that one day opportunity will come knocking at their door. Instead, they believe in equipping themselves with the knowledge and skills they would need, and then go looking for opportunities themselves. And guess what? They do make things happen. They have enough confidence in themselves that they know they will find a way as long as they keep looking. And truly, they are rewarded for their endeavors. One can take a lesson from their book and make life happen, instead of just sitting through it as a spectator. They know that they are the only ones who can solve their problems and they seek no help, either from fellow men, or destiny.

It can be unnerving to be around people who don’t need anyone else to make their way in life. They also don’t have any time for nonsense or gossip because they have their eyes set on their goal and are willing to spend every ounce of their strength in achieving that.

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