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4-Year-Old Superhero Feeding The Hungry And Homeless Will Make Your Day


4-Year-Old Superhero Feeding The Hungry And Homeless Will Make Your Day

Showing Love to the Homeless: President Perine teaches a valuable lesson!

Children are truly the purest form of humanity and innocence. Their actions and efforts are no means to an end and nor do they have a hidden motive.

This video highlights the efforts of a similar young soul. It is hard to encompass if a child as young as Austin Perine would come up with such an initiative as Show Love but he did.

It is common to witness homeless people on the streets and sympathize with them. However, the young and compassionate Austin Perine took his inspiration from Animal Planet where he witnessed a mother Panda abandoning her cubs. His father told him how they would be homeless and that is when the idea of homeless people clicked in Austin’s mind.

It melts our hearts knowing how empathizing he is. Dressed as a superhero, he works like a superhero for the homeless. In the video, it is quite evident from the smiles on the faces of the displaced people that Austin is successful in what he wants to achieve.

Growing up, we become numb to the idea of helping the homeless. Austin, on the other hand, wanted to “show love” and assist them become better off.

Along with his father, Austin distributes food to the homeless and hugs them. He also said that he shows them how to show love to others and that he plans to do this until he becomes a president – ambitious little child!

He said when he met the homeless for the first time, he wanted to be them and for a child to make comments like these, it is unacceptable to turn our backs on them.

TJ Perine states how he plans to make another shelter home. We should make our contributions and help Austin make this world a better place for everyone!

Make sure to like his Facebook Page and support this young president!

I Think What I do is Very Special

"I wanna do it until I become PRESIDENT. I think what I do is Very Special and when the homeless give me hugs it makes me feel good inside." #SHOWLOVE today at

Posted by Austin Perine on Monday, 17 September 2018

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