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4 Teen Boys Found Dead After Going On A Camping Trip

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4 Teen Boys Found Dead After Going On A Camping Trip

All four young men wanted to do as they started out on their camping vacation in Snowdonia, North Wales, was spend some quality time together and have some fun. However, it came out differently.

On the weekend of April 13th, four young guys named Jevon Hirst, Harvey Owen, Wilf Henderson, and Hugo Morris went out on a camping trip.

The police, who have been investigating since Sunday, discovered a revelation that will have far-reaching consequences for people close to the young men yesterday. This deeply saddens their loved ones.

The boys called home on Sunday morning to say goodbye to their families before continuing their camping excursion. When the boys’ families didn’t hear from them for a while, they feared the worst.

What Went Down on That Camping Vacation?

After hours of silence, authorities reported the lads missing. Their relatives began to worry about their well-being, and the police soon got involved.

Mountain rescue teams, the Coast Guard, and helicopters all joined the search. After being reported missing, the boys were located 48 hours later. However, all was not well.

The North Wales Police Department said yesterday that they had discovered an overturned vehicle in shallow water. The four young men’s dead bodies were inside the vehicle. A police officer revealed:

“At present, this appears to have been a tragic accident, and our thoughts are with the family and friends of the four young men at this very difficult time.”

In a town called Gareg, the guys’ vehicle apparently went off the road. It appears that the four youngsters were confined in the automobile for at least 48 hours before it was discovered.

What Did Their Relatives Think?

Crystal, Owen’s mother, wrote an emotional Facebook post on her son’s death. At the beginning of the entry, she wrote:

“I feel like I’m in a nightmare I wish I could wake up from, but I’m not.”

She went on to explain that while she appreciated the goodwill of all those individuals giving her words of love and support, no amount of messages was going to help her overcome the death of her son.

Knowing she might never see her son again, Owen’s mother said she felt unable to continue working and would have to temporarily shut down her business.

After hearing about the search and rescue efforts, Owen’s mom made the trip to Snowdonia to lend a hand. She didn’t know he was gone since she would never have let him go camping in the cold.

She assumed he spent the night at a friend’s place. However, others knew about the boys’ journey and what they planned to do while they were away for a night.

Before the automobile was located, Henderson’s girlfriend’s mother, Lisa Corfield, mentioned the boys’ camping excursion. In her words:

“They are not experienced campers. They have never been there before. [They] were just going for the night, so have a tent and sleeping bags but only the basics.”

Corfield also posted a photo of Henderson and her daughter on Facebook alongside a lengthy message expressing her condolences to the family and friends of those who perished in the tragedy. She continued by describing Henderson.

Henderson was described as “lovely kind young lad” by Corfield, who added that he had treated her daughter the way any mother would hope her child would be treated. She then told about how upset her kid was and claimed they would all miss him very dearly.

She concluded her post by expressing gratitude to the young man for being a positive influence on her daughter’s life. She assured Henderson that she would be there for her in the future.

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Everyone who knows the boys has paid them some kind of tribute. Many individuals are praying for the deceased’s loved ones and sending positive vibes their way during this trying time.

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