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20 Warning Signs You’re In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship


20 Warning Signs You’re In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

The thing about emotional abuse is that, firstly, most people don’t understand that they are being emotionally abused and secondly, that they do not gather the courage to speak about it. Unlik physical abuse, the claws of emotional abuse sink deep into our skin and we tend to carry it with ourselves wherever we go.

Overtime, we are convinced that maybe this is how we truly deserve to feel. But before we go ahead with the signs, I just want you to know that PLEASE do not let anyone make you feel like you deserve to be treated like trash under any condition.

Love is a beautiful feeling and it is only supposed to make you strong. Do not let anyone use it to dominate you and bring you down.

If you can relate to any of the given points, I hope you gather the courage and strength to walk away from anyone who makes you feel miserable about yourself.

I personally have been emotionally abused once. It was tough. But everything changed when I decided to walk out. And that was the day when I promised myself that I shall never allow anyone to ruin my peace in that way ever again. A person doesn’t hold as much power when we decide to see them in light of who they truly are. Our fears get their energy from us.

Most of us are caught up in the web of ‘when, what, how’. It’s this invisible line that we fear crossing because we are afraid to lose love, but believe me when I say that it isn’t the end. Don’t think twice before letting go of a toxic person who causes damage to you and your mental health.

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So here are the 20 signs of an emotionally abusive relationship which you might have ignored for so long:

1. Your partner thinks its fine to insult you and make fun of you in front of others.

2. You are constantly asked to prove your love for them.

3. They constantly mark your flaws and belittle you.

4. Your partner randomly turns up in situations and constantly keeps calling or texting you just to keep a strict check on you.

5. They cross a normal decency line while making inappropriate jokes about you.

6. They monitor all your expenses and keep a strict check on your bank account.

7. They keep throwing all your failures in your face just to make you feel small and incompetent.

8. They give you threats and sugar-coat them as “suggestions”.

9. They constantly monitor your actions and words.

10. They constantly claim to be right in every situation.

11. They make you feel like your opinions do not matter and that you feeling things too deeply is dumb.

12. You’re used to getting disapproving looks from them.

13. They make you feel like you aren’t good enough.

14. They catch a weird attitude when you visit your family and friends. Basically, you aren’t allowed to have fun without them.

15. They have a fragile ego and get really offended when someone laughs at their mistakes.

16. You are always blamed for every wrong in their life. Even for things that aren’t remotely related to you.

17. They do not believe in your abilities and make you feel like you can’t do anything without them.

18. They don’t think twice before sharing the details of your intimate private moments with others.

19. They laugh at your dreams and ambitions. And think you live in a fool’s paradise.

20. You are punished if you do something they do not like.

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