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16 Signs The Two Of You Are Meant To Be Together


16 Signs The Two Of You Are Meant To Be Together

Making a lifelong commitment is a scary prospect and it is only natural to have a few doubts when you begin to think that you might spend the rest of your days with this person you’re in love with.

If you’re looking for confirmation, keep an eye out for these indicators:

1. He’s your confidante

You know everything about each other and he’s the first person you confide in whenever something happens because you know he’ll never give away your secrets. This kind of trust is necessary to make a relationship last.

2. You love him just the way he is

No one is perfect but you love him, flaws and all. You might not be too fond of some of his traits but you don’t want him to change because you love him just as he is.

3. You’re not afraid to show him your true self

It’s hard to let your real self out when you’re in front of others. But when you’re with him, you don’t need to present some ideal that you think you need to be. He loves you for who you are and you do the same for him. .

4. There are no awkward silences

Both of you don’t feel the need to keep conversations going. You’re perfectly happy, even when you’re both working, because you just like the feeling of being together.

5. You don’t have any issues with him spending time with friends of the opposite gender

This is a sign that you are incredibly secure in your relationship. You have no problem even when he’s hanging out with other girls because you know that he’ll never be unfaithful.

6. He understands that you need some time to yourself

Just like you don’t mind him taking time to hang out with his friends, he is also willing to give you time for your own interests. He doesn’t try to control every aspect of your life.

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7. You have become part of each other’s families

This is a big step for many and it’s incredible when you’ve both been accepted into each other’s families. Their opinions matter and their acceptance will only reinforce your love for each other.

8. You know it’s okay to not be in agreement all the time

While you are in a relationship together, you respect each other’s individual perspectives. You know that it is completely okay to not agree with him and the differences only make life interesting.

9. You work through your issues

Both of you respect each other’s opinions enough to discuss problems without letting them turn into quarrels. You work together to solve them and this keeps your love stable.

10. You can see him in your future

It’s a significant sign when you include him in whatever decisions you make for your future and he does the same for you.

11. Squabbles don’t break you apart

All couples have disagreements every now and then. What is important is how they respond to their differences. The two of you might quarrel every now and then but when you solve your issues and understand that your love is more important, your relationship is strengthened.

12. You have adventures together

Everything you do for the first time becomes so much more special when he’s around. You try out all kinds of new things together and you have lots of fun doing so.

13. You know you can live without him but you don’t want to

You are very much your own person and you’re quite capable of living independently. But you love having him around you and spending time with him makes you incredibly happy.

14. You never lie to each other

Both of you trip up at times but you’re not afraid to tell each other when you’ve done something wrong. This is a mark of your love and respect for each other.

15. You can’t even think about being with someone else

Relationships can get hard at times but even when you’re thinking of dropping out, you don’t, because you can’t imagine a life without him. The thought of dating someone else is almost preposterous.

16. You know that the two of you are a unit

In normal conversation, you tend to refer to yourself as part of a couple and not as an individual. You like reinforcing the idea that you are together.

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